sarah hale folger jp downtown 3 - Endurnace Pushes

Endurance pushes

Like a willful child

Through the wanting and the wailing

Through the “Nos” and the “Maybe’s”

Past the tears and the “Why’s”

Through the silence and the suffering,

The sobs and the hiccupping


Time passes, days and weeks and months and years

The wanting stays but mostly sleeps like an adolescent with a fever

Still sometimes rousing, but groggy and quiet


Endurance awakes when the shadows of discontent pass

Stretching and breathing and standing and walking

Until the door finally opens and the want that once was is no longer a craving

But a gift to be given which once was held back

And now having been received is once again, given away.


*A poem I wrote in the early 80’s in response to reading my brother Jeremy’s book of poems..

It’s good to remember what should never be forgotten.

I salute my memories and those I have created them with…


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My muse and friend, the owl.

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