Category: Sarah Hale Folger

The Storm Rages

PART I Nothing is the same as it was It’s like a bad car accident After which, can you walk Can you even dream to run Your mind blows How do you understand  The drama plays out No one can direct this play It comes when it will It won’t go when you want Everybody thinks Some thoughts stay And some thoughts go  Collective … Read More The Storm Rages

Endurnace Pushes

Endurance pushes Like a willful child Through the wanting and the wailing Through the “Nos” and the “Maybe’s” Past the tears and the “Why’s” Through the silence and the suffering, The sobs and the hiccupping ____________________________________ Time passes, days and weeks and months and years The wanting stays but mostly sleeps like an adolescent with a fever Still sometimes rousing, but groggy and quiet … Read More Endurnace Pushes

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