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Fragile, Handle with Care

Waking up in a sweat Her heart racing, the pulsing of blood running though her veins She hears a train in her head Taking in her surroundings she assesses She is in a safe place, no reason to fear Barefoot she walks to the window and climbs out on the ledge Breathing deeply she watches the birds busy at work The sun is rising … Read More Fragile, Handle with Care

Setting Sail!

Freedom comes when the search is over… Its been such a long time So caught up was I in seeking the feeling of home It’s been a labryinth trying to get to you Across the universe inside my head Ruminating, contemplations that led nowhere Was all the trouble worth it The mental dissection of potential outcomes Scenarios without tangibles Imaginations, dreams and nightmares The … Read More Setting Sail!

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Words & Deeds

They are like a stream that flows One plus one equals two Words add up when they are so many Without thought we plunge into them Struck by a feeling We must respond But instead we so often react No thought before the river flows Words build and tear down They change the landscape Relationships built and destroyed by them Calculated and spontaneous Struck … Read More Words & Deeds

To the Peacemaker in the Family

‘Dedicated to Bobby S’ You oftentimes are the youngest child Therefore in a larger family No one really listens to your point of view You watch and you listen as the years unfold All that goes on in front of you You try to fill in the gap Since no one asks you to lead the way Hard times come And they are in … Read More To the Peacemaker in the Family

Ebb and Flow

Have you ever sat by the sea Watched the waves come in and go out Sometimes with such force They feel like a threat What is it that holds them back The sea knows when to come in And when to go out I would call it intuition But that’s impossible So what is it that makes it so The moon and sun The … Read More Ebb and Flow

Refinement in Confinement

In this time of confinement We are forced to be released of our normal routines of escape Our addictions, our anxieties appeased Those outlets we regularly used To escape our troubles and our fears Those crutches we thought we needed forever Have been broken We left home to relieve our stresses Turmoil and pain Of jobs and marriage troubles Of loneliness and self doubt … Read More Refinement in Confinement

Comfort Yourself

  Creating something Is the best way to find yourself It challenges you to push past your self doubt If you don’t give up If you push through the frustration You will be given an opportunity To find your inner beauty So even if you are not an artist Do something artistic It will force you to grow And you may discover That right … Read More Comfort Yourself

It’s Time

    I look up and I see her Her hair is moving with the soft wind as she glides Upon the path beside the ocean Where the rocks meet the crashing waves It is a still and beautiful morning With every step she takes Her shoulders are straighter Finally taking care of herself In ways she could not find to do before Her … Read More It’s Time

Wonderland Awaits

  I stand back and am amazed By things I do not understand Those who have tread upon paths I have not Who learned lessons I do not know or understand I am willing to see Albeit sometimes It makes me faint I do not know if I can catch up You know so much I am so far behind But I grasp with … Read More Wonderland Awaits

Us and Them?

Us and Them Truly words to make you stop Think about the meaning Shall we stay here in the USA Or is the world the platform To try to understand the dilemma We battle and set to war Everyday a quagmire Each to their own understanding So sad but so true We cannot control the perceptions Nor the responses to Differentials between us Some … Read More Us and Them?

In the Still of the Morning

Ideas awaken the mind Creativity flows in the wee hours Most are sleeping I’m awake Connecting dots Between past and future I am the gateway Here in this present moment I decide what to leave in What should be shed like a skin Past is gone but it teaches Future can be wildly exciting If only I choose right Which way to go Before … Read More In the Still of the Morning

Mind Bending- Rapid Growth

  From conception to 8 years of age The brain develops at lightning speed We are led, as in a hypnotic trance At the mercy of others guidance What we feed it, will grow Starve what you do not want to live there What we do then and from there Makes us who we are body and soul The mind is the power behind … Read More Mind Bending- Rapid Growth

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