Month: October 2019

together forever, goodbye

It came so swiftly that no one had any idea There were plans There was excitement A new life is coming You and I are one We had created this little one to come Something has shifted What is this intuition I cannot pay attention to anything else Something deep is calling to me I must pay attention Something is wrong It is too … Read More together forever, goodbye

It’s been such a long time

Decades have come and gone Each had its lessons and memories Some seemed to last an eternity Others flew by Youth does not understand That it is over before you know it Time stolen while grudges were held And learning the meaning Of love and friendship Some can carry the anger, fear and hate I could never house those things Learning forgiveness Learning to … Read More It’s been such a long time


The night is heavy Sleep evades me What is the secret to escaping the day To drifting off and shutting down Only sleep can cleanse the mind Without it how will I cope It’s been a while since the last time I could not process all my thoughts I’ve opened portholes to my soul Closing them is beyond my reach The body is weighted … Read More Insomnia

You’ve got to carry that weight

Like an egg in a shell My heart has been sealed away It’s so much safer in there But when its time to grow the egg must be cracked There is a time for everything For some the time never comes It takes great courage to look deep inside It’s so much easier to avoid To drink from the waters that blind Soothing is … Read More You’ve got to carry that weight

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