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The winds are violent

Shifting the desert sand

Transforming the landscape

Erasing the footprints and pathways

A totally new landscape appears after the storm

The valleys and hills have shifted

What once was low is high

The hills brought low by force

Direction is now impossible to discern

Only the sun can reveal

Like a hurricane which has removed the landscape

Leaving souls homeless

So does the desert wind

Everything built dismantled

Standing in the aftermath of destruction

The sun rises and sets on the lost souls

Empty and ready for deliverance

A future not expected now must be imagined

Fear having struck the survivors

They await deliverance from an external source

But it must come from within this time

Many sunrises and sunsets come and go

Still the emptiness of grief and longing

Grip the hearts of those devastated

The dark night of the soul turns to weeks

And deep inside a silence ensues

It has been doing its work

All shred of the past has disappeared

Now a fresh slate has been created

Like a canvas ready for the artist it waits

Until the survivors embrace the newness

Until their minds open up

Like a flower ready to receive the dewdrops

The mind must accept and open

Life is a precarious thing

Once the grip of the memories pass

And the expectation of the future appears

The soul receives great vision

Things which otherwise could not be seen

It is a gift to walk so closely with destruction

Bowled over by her power

One can now see the benefits of such tearing down

A fresh start, a new day appears

One such soul waits for the sun to rise over the horizon

With new expectations

With new hope

What will this sunrise reveal

Here it comes

Standing on the top of a rock

Overlooking the sea

This is the spot she came to

A long journey has brought her here

She walked the long road

She climbed high on this hill

Made of rock. she stood upon solid rock

And the power of it resonated in her

Giving her strength

And there it came

The rising of the fire

The sun rose straight into her heart

The artist took the brush

Filled with the colors of life

She reached for the canvas

This new composition

This new life

Is ready to be born


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