Month: May 2019

Mountaintop Experience

I awaken with a start, hearing a sound deep in my mind It is the sound of horses pounding the ground while running I am flying above them and I swoop down and soar beside them Their nostrils flaring, and their breathing is forced and loud I lift up into the sky and veer to the left and rise up high I reach a … Read More Mountaintop Experience

Change is coming

So the wind is shifting and I know it I can’t deny the inevitable The time is coming and I can feel the blows of the storm coming How much can any of us prepare for it I know it’s going to hit and hit hard It will devastate me It will bring an end to an era I will reflect and go on … Read More Change is coming

Two Hearts Collide

Two hearts collide and an electric current flows between them They swirl around each other like planets orbiting the sun Drawn to the light within and the heat that flows they fixate Two sky divers jump into the air and fall fast Tossed by currents and forces that separate They run with the wind, against the wind and crab through it Their eyes are … Read More Two Hearts Collide

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