Month: March 2020

Refinement in Confinement

In this time of confinement We are forced to be released of our normal routines of escape Our addictions, our anxieties appeased Those outlets we regularly used To escape our troubles and our fears Those crutches we thought we needed forever Have been broken We left home to relieve our stresses Turmoil and pain Of jobs and marriage troubles Of loneliness and self doubt … Read More Refinement in Confinement

Comfort Yourself

  Creating something Is the best way to find yourself It challenges you to push past your self doubt If you don’t give up If you push through the frustration You will be given an opportunity To find your inner beauty So even if you are not an artist Do something artistic It will force you to grow And you may discover That right … Read More Comfort Yourself

These Times They are a Changing

Nothing is the same, all will be made new It was only yesterday we knew what to do But these days they are dragging It’s a tornado with no compass But you will be lifted out of and into The way things will be as we renew Don’t get caught up in the panic and ensue Rather hold your torch up high in the … Read More These Times They are a Changing

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