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Waiting to be born

Sleeping on the edge of the world There is no time here Floating in a trance She is wrapped in a cocoon When she awakes she will evolve But now, in this slumber She is waiting to be born There are watchman over her soul Creatures of the other world Sent to watch over her Singing songs of inspiration “She will fly, by and … Read More Waiting to be born

Endurnace Pushes

Endurance pushes Like a willful child Through the wanting and the wailing Through the “Nos” and the “Maybe’s” Past the tears and the “Why’s” Through the silence and the suffering, The sobs and the hiccupping ____________________________________ Time passes, days and weeks and months and years The wanting stays but mostly sleeps like an adolescent with a fever Still sometimes rousing, but groggy and quiet … Read More Endurnace Pushes

Fragile, Handle with Care

Waking up in a sweat Her heart racing, the pulsing of blood running though her veins She hears a train in her head Taking in her surroundings she assesses She is in a safe place, no reason to fear Barefoot she walks to the window and climbs out on the ledge Breathing deeply she watches the birds busy at work The sun is rising … Read More Fragile, Handle with Care

Setting Sail!

Freedom comes when the search is over… Its been such a long time So caught up was I in seeking the feeling of home It’s been a labryinth trying to get to you Across the universe inside my head Ruminating, contemplations that led nowhere Was all the trouble worth it The mental dissection of potential outcomes Scenarios without tangibles Imaginations, dreams and nightmares The … Read More Setting Sail!

Reign Over Fear

My eyes fly open I hear thunder rumbling The curtains are blowing wildly in I slip out the back door and I see People are running Some are bent over gasping Tearful eyes meet mine and abruptly turn away My heart feels strange My mind opens wide It’s too much An energy source that is made of fear I close my eyes and lift … Read More Reign Over Fear

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Words & Deeds

They are like a stream that flows One plus one equals two Words add up when they are so many Without thought we plunge into them Struck by a feeling We must respond But instead we so often react No thought before the river flows Words build and tear down They change the landscape Relationships built and destroyed by them Calculated and spontaneous Struck … Read More Words & Deeds

My Interview With Barry Goudreau

It was my honor to interview Barry Goudreau a lifelong guitarist formerly with the band Boston, His Solo Album, With Orion The Hunter, With RTZ, With Brad Delp, With Ernie and the Automatics, And currently With Barry Goudreau’s Engine Room was interviewed at The Kilburn Mill in New Bedford, MA. Hear some of Barry’s incredible stories in show business and learn about his upcoming … Read More My Interview With Barry Goudreau

Holding On To Hope

You know it has lasted too long This crisis that dropped on the world We were not made to function under such stress Only for a short while, but this is so very long The mental shift is the greatest obstacle It’s a daily dose of fear and story telling Our children have anxiety and panic My friend saw a young man jump from … Read More Holding On To Hope

Choose Wisely

An artist tries to create The expression that will help others see The message from the heart To the world To make the change To make things better To heal or to inspire To express shock Or even disdain But wanting to be heard And known and seen “I AM HERE” Especially now When the quakes of earth Split the ground between us No … Read More Choose Wisely

The Struggle For Peace

It’s an uphill battle Trying to build the bridge Between our thoughts You see it your way I see it mine But it’s all about taking a walk Come over here I’ll come over there Want to see what you see From where you stand Will you please take a look From where I sit Beliefs are built on experience Please let’s not hold … Read More The Struggle For Peace

To the Peacemaker in the Family

‘Dedicated to Bobby S’ You oftentimes are the youngest child Therefore in a larger family No one really listens to your point of view You watch and you listen as the years unfold All that goes on in front of you You try to fill in the gap Since no one asks you to lead the way Hard times come And they are in … Read More To the Peacemaker in the Family

Beyond the Noise

I awaken while it is still quiet Something is shifting in my heart Everyday in limbo Watching the have’s and the have not’s They go at it pointing fingers Those with masks staying inside Driving with them on and the windows up Fear has gripped the hearts of many Others have a different approach Breathing the free air they refuse to wear Something that … Read More Beyond the Noise

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