Month: November 2017

How to Unblock Your Creativity!

  Recently I had the great privilege of being a guest lecturer in a philosophy class at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  My good friend Dr. Jean Dimock, the professor who teaches this class, asked if I would be a guest lecturer and speak about how art plays a roll in the world as it is perceived philosophically.  It has been … Read More How to Unblock Your Creativity!

Just a little fun! Nothing like mixing work with play!! Check out my recent video.

My partner and I just produced this video  through Video Marketing Strategies, for one of our clients, the proud owners of Proof The Speakeasy, located in Narragansett and set to have it’s Grand Opening next Friday night.  Hope you like it!

Lessons from this Sunrise!

Another day has risen and it falls to me to wake up to greet this morning.  I don’t know about you, but finding ways to stay optimistic and upbeat in a world so torn by politics, war, and mayhem, is quite a challenge.  For me, I take my breaks from the news, but am drawn back into it so that I have a handle … Read More Lessons from this Sunrise!

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