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You were born with a fire in your spirit

Like a wild fire that needed to be tamed

You cannot explain it, you cannot contain it

So you run like the wind

Wherever you feel it you go

The excitement of the chase fills the void

But it never satisfies your longing

Your world has crashed down around you

And you have been building a wall

It’s not safe anymore

Everyone seems to have morphed

Right before your wide eyes open

A nightmare came to pass

Not one but a series

Brick by brick you are building a fortress

Deeper and deeper you dig your holes

All that energy has to come out somehow

Its hard to trust and to remember

The way things were before

When the ground beneath your feet was solid

Not shifting sands of disappointment

The cynic is forming

Growing like a weed in an unattended garden

It’s hard to keep an eye on things

When you are always running away

You feel betrayed and disillusioned

Must stay in control of the voices in your head

The voices of ones you once knew and trusted

Are painful when they express ignornace

Can anyone see you

You turn to strangers to find meaning

Wisdom and safety

But its a wild world, Wild Thing

There are bits and pieces of truth

Locked in words around the world

Revealed in experiences, which you have had many

But some are born to be powerful

That power, to be effective, must be controlled

Lest it burn down the house

Clarity is all you need

To see love and kindness

And to offer forgiveness

Remember all those times of laughter and love

Your tribe adores you

Come home

See the lion lay down with the lamb


missing piece - Wild Thing

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My muse and friend, the owl.

1 Comment on “Wild Thing

  1. I enjoyed this. It brought me full circle. The longing appeared like a craving. A long time spent chasing the adrenaline and stimulation of the feeling only to learn it cannot completely, be found to experience, only distant hints. So, the walls go up and the journey inside deepens, leaving those on the outside to be like figments
    Almost stuck, the energy did grow but was stunted by the surrounding weeds in the unattended garden, chocking, limiting life, hindering the blossom from sprouting
    As bits and pieces came together the vision became clearer. Then it happened, like a long adventurous dream, The love, calmness, and trust begin to sprout. The appetite became stronger, and the chase had come full circle. The yearning for fulfillment was there all along, it’s the pride or tribe that brings one home to contentment and gratitude. Wait a minute, here I go again…
    Thank you for provoking my thoughts

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