Month: May 2017

Fun Model Shoot In Providence

I always love working with the talented Mr John Pitocco.  His shoot took us to downtown Providence where the possibilities were endless for photos. But before I got started I stopped at Mary Janes Salon at 1270 Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence where the lovely ladies both the owner and beautician Tori Chipman totally spruced me up for the event!  Thank you ladies … Read More Fun Model Shoot In Providence

I love Second Hand Clothes !!

(Hot pink Dress $6 🙂 When you don’t have a large budget and you want to buy new clothes there is always an option for you!  When I was a teen my mom and I knew where all the second hand/ vintage clothing shoppes were in Cincinnati.  In fact, in many ways, I was known for my unique style and original look.  Well that’s … Read More I love Second Hand Clothes !!

YOU (a poem for my daughters)

Please feel free to comment and share and please subscribe as well. Please also visit my YouTube page, Sarah Hale Folger Sarah Hale Folger is a lifestyle blogger, 50+ model, entrepreneur, photographer, artist, singer, interviewer, marketer, seeker of epic moments, determined to continue checking things off her Bucket list and she can be a spokesperson for your business as well. If you would like … Read More YOU (a poem for my daughters)

Why art is the cure for what ails us.

The arts in any culture are what bind people together.  You don’t even have to like someones art to engage in looking at it and or experiencing it. The arts are so vast in expression and form that without some people even knowing it, they are actually artists themselves. Art is painting, sculpting, photography, printmaking, music, theater, film, dance, literature and more.  Even the intentional … Read More Why art is the cure for what ails us.

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