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There is a time for everything under the sun

There are decades and eras

They bring with them trials

Tragedies and Triumphs

The best of times

The worst of times

The lessons learned

To only give up when the ship

Will take you down

So you must jump

Jump and the Universe will catch you

Stubbornness may serve you

Or it may drown you

Choose wisely

What will be is up to you

Every decision

However labored it may come

To you may be a blessing or a curse

Trust your gut

Build your mind

Prepare the way

To happiness and fulfillment

You are the canvas

You are the artist

It is a collaboration between

You and your Maker

And those you allow to touch you

You have the power

Now understand this

Don’t rent space in your head to

Strangers with questionable intent

Those who torment or dominate

You can kick them out

You can say no to that negative stream

Do not let polluted waters touch you

Do not wade in that water

Wade instead in the waters that cleanse

To the stream that leads to the crystal clean lake

Ride the wave

Soar into the air

Spin and fly

And when they try to catch you

Cut yourself free

They do not understand

They are afraid to lose you as their source

Of kindness, energy and love

But you need fuel too

Find those who will love you

Find those who GET YOU

Find those for whom

Everyday is an adventure

Who will open doors for you and you for them

Into the magical world of mystery

People forget

They forget to remember

To believe as a child

To see beauty and excitement

So many in prison

You used to break them free

At your own expense

Now set yourself free

And inspire those you love

To do the same

Just go for it

No holding back

That’s what NEW means

Shed the old skin

Grow the new

It’s time


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