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From conception to 8 years of age

The brain develops at lightning speed

We are led, as in a hypnotic trance

At the mercy of others guidance

What we feed it, will grow

Starve what you do not want to live there

What we do then and from there

Makes us who we are body and soul

The mind is the power behind the life

A treasure not to waste

Each as unique as a snowflake

Completely set apart

No wonder we can feel lost and alone

No one knows who we really are

It’s true

That’s why we need history with people

Makes us remember the times

Which developed where we came from

This is the gift of celebration

So many want to forget

The loss and pain of it

Turns our hearts from celebrating

And to ignoring the pain

But we must remember

We choose what we feed ourselves

We all see from our own vantage point

Standing on a mountaintop

An engineer, an artist and a marketer

View the sun rising over the divide

The engineer equates and produces data

The artist sees the light and hues

The marketer finds a way to capitalize

All have seen the same thing

Through different lens

Do not argue your point of view

Instead realize they all point to the same thing

Each a gift to bring together

The compilation is the full bodied truth

No one stands out as the authority

When all see only what is given to them to see

Can’t you see

That it is in coming together

That we expand our vision

Focus on the common denominator

Not on being heard

Share what you know

In a spirit of humility

Open the door for others

To find a new way

To live and not to stagnate

We must push the barriers of our thinking

Sometimes knock them down

Be careful who you let in

Who you buy into

To become transformed

You must breathe clean air

Ingest no toxins

To resist infections

Take the time to view beauty

To cleanse your thoughts

To not ruminate on the negative

But instead

Fill yourself with positivism and love

Be wise however

There are sharks and scorpions where you swim and walk

Align yourself with others who can hoist you up

Fill your cup

Make it so you overflow

From all the nature, music and art

You absorb and pour out

Grow and feed others

Find your voice, your heart

Be a warrior who does not even have to fight

Win without force

Find a way in

To expand and break away

The crust of society

Bloom and grow


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