me4 - I Can Feel It

Somehow nostalgia gripped me tonight

I remembered things best forgotten

But all those memories brought me here today

I had made a breakthrough yesterday

I realized secrets of the heart

Not clouded anymore by fear

Doubt or worry

When the heart is open

And the mind is too

It is a powerful tool for advancement

In a world that rewards

For all the wrong reasons

And sometimes for the right

I am seeking no reward

But rather I am guided by PEACE

The true guide to all that lasts

To all that conquers evil

To all that the imagination quests for

In that still place one feels itself through

And the knowledge of knowing

That every step taken

Can be felt on the soles of ones feet

In the nostrils as the fragrance of change

Inspires and draws further

The soul that will not be conquered

As it should not be before its time

Will not be because it knows

That a greater purpose is the aim

One always out of reach

But in patience

And with pursuit can overcome

All that lies ahead

There is power in knowing

And seeing with the minds eye

Trust once established becomes

The chauffeur, the companion

So, even if I remember what once I chose to forget

There must be a reason

No more worry

Just going for the ride


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