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The first little pig lived in a straw house

He had no worries about anything

He wanted a quick start

He wanted to go about life

Hating to worry or fuss

Not a strategist was he

A live by the seat of your pants one he was

A shared thought by the young

Until life smacked him down a notch

When everything went up in smoke

He ran to the second little pig

Who lived in a wood house

Older he knew a few more things

Trust must be earned not given

Going only by his own understanding

He built a solid home

One he felt he could be safe in

He was confident and assured of himself

But he was not aware

That he was targeted

The ordinary would not do

He did not understand the threat

He worked hard everyday

He was not free spirited as pig #1

Instead he tried to do everything right

But he had no strategic plan

Not involved in a more global intellect

He did not anticipate

That there was an enemy

Who did not think like he did

All he knew was how he believed things were

But much to his dismay

One overcast day his little brother arrived

Frantic and unable to think clearly

Because his ideology was shattered

When his straw house was destroyed

Knocking on his brothers door

He sought protection from the wolf

Who’s aim was total annihilation

Before they knew it there was a shout

Let me in, Let me in

Impulsively they shouted a response

Not by the hair of our chinny chin chins

Quick they ran out the back door

Not even trying to save a piece of paper

So desperate were they

They arrived at their brothers home

Made of brick it was

They always thought he spent too much

On thinking through every brick

Why so excessive

Didn’t it cost too much

As they all sat by the fire

Listening to the wolf cry out

Let me in, L E T M E I N

The older assured the two

Let me pour you a glass of wine

What you do not realize

Is that he has always been here

I have been preparing for this day

Do not fear, his lungs will give out

He cannot blow this house down

I am prepared

Now you know what you did not

And now I am not alone

He will diminish

We will increase

Our three gifts will combine now

And we will build a city

Where others can flee and find refuge

One of you is free to imagine

The other can plan and build

And I can oversee this now

We will build a mighty place

To raise up the mighty and capable

I have waited so long

But here we are now

My work is done

And a new work that is ours begins



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