Sarah Hale Folger.300 - Take it to the limit

Come on, and take it

Just one more step

I know you can’t see

Where you are going is a mystery

And it’s been so hard

But try with all your might

For one second to believe

That I am trustworthy

To lead you on

To where you won’t need

A guide to rely on

You will have an epiphany

I know, I have seen it

In a dream I saw you there

It was like magic

When it appeared I was not seeking

It’s only my heart that knows

The love I have wakes me up

I hear the voice in my mind

Speaking words of wisdom

Painting a masterpiece

It forms where my heart and mind are fused

There is no disconnect there

So take my hand

Take them both

Just breathe and know

You can make the decision

No one is forcing you to move

You can go back

You can give up

You can curl up in a corner

Where you feel safe

Or you can take the step

Terrified you will be

But after the first one’s done

The second one will be easier

And the one after that more so

For it’s only a choice, a decision

All the pain is in indecision

That is what is crippling you now

The past is gone

Let it go without a grudge

Okay now, my hand is right here

Do you want to grasp it

If you do it means you are ready

Ready to risk it all

Ready to find what you seek

Even if you do not see it

It’s okay to hesitate

But in a moment

I will tell you to choose

NOW I will shout

And you will either whither away

Or you will grasp my hand

And everything will change forever

What will you do



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