IMG 4182 - A Song and a Prayer for My Family

Inspired by Sarah Hale Folger



-“Prayer for My Family”


It’s been the biggest part of me

The longing for home

Home is where my people are

For many years I was separated

Holidays were heartbreaking

Life was incomplete without them

God blessed me with my own

Three amazing daughters

Who have multiplied

My fifth grandchild is on the way

Four boys and a girl

I came from that equation

The only daughter

Four brothers

What a childhood I had

Like no other

Raised in a zoo of sorts

The animal kingdom

Was more comfortable for me

Than the world of humans

But now I feel the joy of knowing

Life gives you lemons

Make lemonade

And I am grateful

With All My Heart

For each and every one

Of my family and friends

Who have enriched my life

In hard times and in good

And now for the gift of

The protector of my heart

My Johnny I

My prayer is for peace and joy

For health and happiness

For more times together

For we are greater together

Than apart, way too much of that

May we find what we look for

And may the laughter increase


This song above I wrote many years ago when I had 2 toddlers and someone gave me a piano for a month, then took it back. LOL! One day this song, which never comes out the same way twice came to me. My heart was reaching out in a prayer as I played – reaching towards home.. back to the State I came from. I missed them so much, but this song gave me hope. This song was recently chosen to be in the upcoming film 25 The Documentary of Tony Conigliaro, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I recorded it in one take, it is not perfect, just like me. But I give it to you if your heart needs a song today and a prayer may it give you peace and hope and comfort if you are waiting for a miracle.


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image - A Song and a Prayer for My Family

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