let your light shine - Mountaintop Experience

I awaken with a start, hearing a sound deep in my mind

It is the sound of horses pounding the ground while running

I am flying above them and I swoop down and soar beside them

Their nostrils flaring, and their breathing is forced and loud

I lift up into the sky and veer to the left and rise up high

I reach a current and soar with no effort

I let the wind carry me while I search the canyon

Below me the herd races on, consumed in a cloud of dust

My gaze takes me to the mountaintop, I follow the line

Diving I plummet towards a precipice and land there

Above it all now, the miles and miles of terrain stretch before me

Below me I see rivers and canyons, the cloud shadows dance

The air is warm and the smell is a mixture of dirt and wildflowers

I wait here now for whatever has awakened me

Gripping the rocks’ edge I scan far left to far right, below and above

Nothing catches my eye or draws me in

I slow my breathing and let go of the search

I know now it was not without but within

I close my eyes now with great anticipation

I can feel the wind slowly moving my body

My feathers ripple in the breeze

Slowly like an awakening I sense the object of my search is near

It rises up within my soul more tangible than the mountain

It is the stream within my soul ascending up inside me

Rushing waters tumbling and filling me up

I am the valley, I am the canyons, I am the horses running

Their is a river flowing in me and I welcome it


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