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Cherish Your Dreams!

via Daily Prompt: Cherish There comes a certain age when it is easy to let go of your dreams and to just accept what your life has become by force- the force of nature, the force of time and circumstances. When did it all get washed away? When did you change your mind?  Was there a burial after the death of your ambition? No, most likely … Read More Cherish Your Dreams!

To see like a child….

Tis true, we come into this world naked and screaming, the shock of leaving a warm and rhythmic womb and suddenly being squeezed through a porthole into this world we call our reality, must have been shocking to say the very least.  What secrets had we beheld prior to entering this life, we simply cannot remember. The first several years of our life we … Read More To see like a child….

How to Unblock Your Creativity!

  Recently I had the great privilege of being a guest lecturer in a philosophy class at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  My good friend Dr. Jean Dimock, the professor who teaches this class, asked if I would be a guest lecturer and speak about how art plays a roll in the world as it is perceived philosophically.  It has been … Read More How to Unblock Your Creativity!

Lessons from this Sunrise!

Another day has risen and it falls to me to wake up to greet this morning.  I don’t know about you, but finding ways to stay optimistic and upbeat in a world so torn by politics, war, and mayhem, is quite a challenge.  For me, I take my breaks from the news, but am drawn back into it so that I have a handle … Read More Lessons from this Sunrise!

My first visit with Philippe Lejeune, an artist and a visionary!

I first discovered Philippe Lejeune by total chance.  I had completed a photo shoot with John Pitocco, (www.johnpitocco.com), and some photos were taken in front of a mostly demolished building in Providence, RI. Someone on Facebook pointed out that the artwork behind my photo was created by Philippe Lejeune.  So of course, fate has brought a meeting between us. (And I got the chance … Read More My first visit with Philippe Lejeune, an artist and a visionary!

Ode to Barney Hale Folger

Today would have been my brother Barney’s 55th birthday.  This picture was the last time I saw him in Cincinnati in the late 90’s.  Barney was a photographer, jewelry designer and an actor and he worked other jobs as well landscaping and the restaurant business to name a few. We were the youngest of 5 children, 4 brothers then me.  (Ted, Mike, Jeremy) Barney … Read More Ode to Barney Hale Folger

My Interview with Trumpeter Doug Woolverton: Video Included

This interview is the next installment in the Sarah Hale Folger Video Project. The SHF Video Project is a series of conversational interviews with extraordinary people in the arts & culture world, as well as the business world, and my goal is to bring wonderful stories of these interesting people to you.  My hope is to find where the magic comes from in these … Read More My Interview with Trumpeter Doug Woolverton: Video Included

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