dragon 1a - Some Days the Dragon Wins

Waking up to find a total eclipse of the sun

Its a strange feeling and there is no light to shine the way

A low frequency sound is running in the background

Everywhere I turn a foul wind blows

What once brought me comfort now is gone

What once I trusted now has turned

I travel in the dark seeking the source of this darkness

People are feeble and falling under the weight of their fears

I pick up my pace and start to run

Going by memory I race to the boulder by the sea

I climb the slippery rock coated in wet algae

Determined now, I am driven by an instinct that cannot be denied

And there my eyes see the culprit hovering above

He is blocking the sun with his massive scale covered armor

His talons stretch towards me as a threat, but I stand tall

“So its you again” I say, and he blurts his fiendish laughter

“I thought I killed you”, I say

“I exist wherever people let me exist”, he spurts sarcastically

I remember the golden rule, you cannot make anyone else believe

Nor can you cause them to see what you see

When people are blind they don’t even notice that the sun is eclipsed

They carry on in darkness, not even knowing what they’re missing

The true sun, the light of day never rises for the blind

But they don’t know any better, they just feel a little or a lot confused

But not for my people I think, I will not let them fall prey

“Ahhhhh”- I let out a long sign while I stare at the beast

His grin is consuming his face, he’s a cocky mother fucker

I spit on the ground in protest, he giggles profusely

I watch him in fascination, not in fear and he can sense it

Straight faced we have a stare down, showdown

I laugh my own fiendish laugh and he frowns

He knows when he’s pushed me too far, my old foe

He’s trying to make a comeback, he’s been bored with humanity

It is just too easy to spin their tops and he wants a challenge

I walk to the pile of rocks I stacked a long while ago and tear them down

They’ve been there on this boulder top since the last time we had a match

“I knew it was you, I can always see when you’re back in town” I say

He watches me dig, he knows what I will find when I get to the bottom

He shakes with anticipation which is a mixture of terror and excitement

“I’ll give you this one day, but when tomorrow comes you’re gonna wish you stayed away

from this town” I say as I reach the bottom and grip my glowing sword

I rise it high above my head and now I feel the power surging through my body

My heart connects to my weapon and I stare for one last moment into his eyes and say

“You’re gonna get it VASTATOR DRACO

They don’t call me Dragon Slayer for nothing”

Whoosh, he bellows his thunder, lighting, rain and gale force wind

I turn my back and climb back down the boulder and back home

He twitches, I’ve got him thinking now, Does she know something I don’t know

I giggle as I think to myself, Of course I do Sweetheart, I’m your mother.


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