If your soul has been uncovered from the years of clutter and darkness,

And your eyes are squinting as you walk out of the attic and out on the roof,

For the light as it shines so brightly in an unpolluted sky awakens your heart,

Then just take your time and sit on the roof and absorb the light.

It can be overwhelming and overstimulating, all that light, but just keep absorbing it, it will fuel your mind, heart, and soul, and you need strength for the journey.

Oh little one, I have something to share with you, something you don’t know, and I must explain to you.

You see, this is a night sky- that is the moon and the stars. They are not even the true light, they are only reflecting the light that is to come soon, it will burst across the horizon with colors you have not known, until the globe, which is the sun, rises to it’s place in the sky.

Don’t be alarmed at how intense the light will be, you will become accustomed to it. It will fill you with such energy to enable you to become strong. You will realize that you are stronger than most because you survived the darkness for so long. You will never take the light for granted, and it will become your friend. Sunrises and sunsets will be a daily celebration, and you will never live in darkness again.

Now take your broken wings and spread them into the moonlight, they need a good dusting off. Get ready, for the sun is coming any minute. Your heart may feel overwhelmed with anticipation, but don’t be afraid, this is for you. It is your time to fly, your time. All that was lost, or never gained, does not matter. It is your time now, time to heal, time to grow, time to be strong.

And you will not know what’s coming day by day, don’t try to plan it or force it, just ride the gentle breeze and let it take you where it wants to. For you are not the master of your destiny, but you must find it. And you will find it at your own pace. The universe has turned its eye towards you and declared that your time of testing has been completed. Nothing else matters, just trust.

And if you should stumble and fall, you will not hit the ground hard, rather you will land softly and learn the path that stretches out before you moment by moment. Because your heart is pure, you will be rewarded for all the hard work you did in the darkness, remaining faithful, sometimes making the worse mistakes and splatting on the ground and breaking your bones. But you were never alone, and there is no shame in stumbling in the dark. You did not choose the darkness, it was chosen for you. But it’s over now.

Shhhh— no more talking, here it comes- here comes the sun….


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  1. Have will strong Have crashed never burned. Think thoughts processed today added tp previous readings from S.H.F. stimulation of life to be strengthens. Thanks for your true expression.

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