YOU (a poem for my daughters)

Why art is the cure for what ails us.


The arts in any culture are what bind people together.  You don’t even have to like someones art to engage in looking at it and or experiencing it. The arts are so vast in expression and form that without some people even knowing it, they are actually artists themselves.

Art is painting, sculpting, photography, printmaking, music, theater, film, dance, literature and more.  Even the intentional gardener or cook, the interior designer and the crafts of pottery, woodworking and metal working are all forms of art.  How about those who produce fashion, make-up and hair design? How those things are done matter to each of us as we are drawn to beauty, style and something that gives us an emotional connection.  Need I go on and on?  The fact is, some of these practices are fine art, some are crafts, some are visual, some are performing, but they are all ART!

Art can be controversial stirring up the depths of people’s passion for, or against it.   It has a certain power to compel us to hope, heal, believe, stand in wonder, change the way we see the world or even the way we believe!  We all seek it out when we read a book, go to a movie or place a painting on our wall, not just any painting, the one we search for till we just know it’s the one! How about the song that gets stuck in your head or you play it when you need to shift your mood? It’s all art, and we emotionally need it.


Wikipedia states in part, that; “Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.[1][2] In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.”

In the arts, disagreement is accepted and even sought after at times.  Both the one who creates and the one who views or digests the art are in collaboration with one another. Because of this, the community created by the arts becomes a great source of inspiration without which society withers on the vine and dies. Think about the poets who have read at inaugurations, the musicians who have played on the world stage, and painters whose murals cover the ceilings of historical architectural masterpieces. People of every tribe and nation, every tongue and color all seek the beauty and the story the art tells.  The impression that art leaves on our souls lasts forever and is always growing as we partake each day of new art, old art, inspiring art.


The thing about art that makes it essential is that everyone is right. Art is emotional and feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are.  Everyone creates what they want or consumes what they like.  There really shouldn’t ever be judgement of art because it’s a pointless pursuit.  However because by it’s sheer nature art causes passion.  When one loves a certain kind of music he may also hate another type of music.  How can this be?  There is no accounting for taste, for what soothes the soul or what inspires it or even what bores or frightens it.  Art can be as polarizing as politics or religion in the context of friendly banter, but it seldom ever separates, rather it provides a necesary outlet for human discourse.


Practicing artists whether professionals or hobbyists are constantly seeking for the next new idea.  They tend to be rule breakers and they hate to be boxed in by the wants or needs of others. They are an essential link between what has happened and what will.  When in their creative process, they tend to forget about time, not care about the common worries that consume pragmatists and those who walk the treadmill of matrix living.  In this sense they are fearless and yet once they have created and open themselves up to the world for view, they become vulnerable to the terror of judgement, wanting their souls work to be cherished.  Round and round we go in society,  the giving and the taking, of creating and consuming, we live for this.  The truth is without an audience the artist is lonely.  And someone has to keep the order so others can color the world and make it beautiful or meaningful. We each have our times to shine.  Obviously some people are more constant in creating art while others more constant at maintaining a platform for society.


We need each other. Wikipedia offers in part that Culture (/ˈkÊŒltʃər/) can be defined in many different ways. In the words of anthropologist E.B. Tylor, it is “that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.”[1] Alternatively, in a contemporary variant, “Culture is defined as a social domain that emphasizes the practices, discourses and material expressions, which, over time, express the continuities and discontinuities of social meaning of a life held in common.”[2]


If you take art out of society or the world, you reduce the value of existence.  The potential of happiness and self discovery is diminished, and I would offer up, there is no life without it. If you add more art into a community, a society or nation you will effectively increase the value of life on every level.

My passion for the arts has been pulling at my heart for a while now.  I have not been involved as I once was.  My passion for singing, making music with others, painting in solitude and so many other forms have been dormant as I have tended other essential parts to living.  And the truth is, without art front and center, my happiness cannot be achieved.  I started this blog because I wanted to write.  I always wanted to write my stories from the heart to sort of document my life, so in this sense I am opening the door for myself.  I have started and stopped painting again, and now I can feel the call to go back in.  I know we have seasons in our lives.  Just like winter, fall, spring and summer, they will repeat themselves.

I look forward to the opening in my heart which is expanding my mind.  I am encouraged by the art I see all around me.  Don’t stop believing in the art in you.  We must also celebrate continually what we sometimes take for granted, and that is the art all around us.  The point of this blog is to thank those of you who never stop driving us all forward through your art, and also to bring awareness to the total value of art in our lives. It is a case for increasing the attention and validation to those who give themselves to the practice of art, for in so doing, you are saving society, one creation at a time.

Sarah Hale Folger. art matters

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!

How a few days in Jamestown RI at my friend Tory’s store made me so happy! attention

I spent a few days at my friend Tory Corey’s store in Jamestown, R.I. this week, and it was just delightful!  You know the saying, walk a mile in another’s shoes…. Well, I was so proud to be taking care of Tory’s beautiful store; Fuller Art and Frame Gallery while she was away with her best friend and husband in Florida for a few days.

Everyone that came through the door was wonderful.  It was a charmed few days of meeting and greeting both the locals and the visitors to the island.  To be honest with you, after spending time there, I would love to move there.  However, I live in the beautiful seaside town of Wickford, RI,  a mere 15 minutes drive away, so I am one blessed woman!!!


While I was here I said, “well heck Tory’s store is so beautiful and it was so gorgeous outside why not shoot some video for my brand and to market her store”. Here is a photo taken by Vic Pichette my partner. Notice the beautiful fine art in the windows behind me?  Yeah just saying, great local artists showcase their work at Fuller Gallery.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.32.44 PM

And of course, this is me being silly. So well, we did a fun video to show you what I am doing with video marketing, which is my new business. Check it our by clicking HERE. While you are there, please subscribe to my new YouTube Page. By the way, I want to collaborate with you, so please leave comments and I will share them with my growing audience. Just to let you know, the below image is called a social media image or meme, and we can create them for your brand.

Sarah Hale Folger.on the floor

The weather here in RI is finally beautiful enough to take a walk and actually enjoy it without your eyes watering and freezing yourself to the bone.  Ahh, here we go!


Once I got home we took a walk outside.  I thought to myself, I get to see this beautiful sight anytime I want and It’s by my driveway.  Whose got it better than this?  Last night when I came home there were deer all around me. I got out of my car and walked to my apartment with several deer less than 20 feet from me.  I felt connected to the universe, life is good!

Sarah Hale Folger.home

So I realize that everyday is a gift so precious that it must be cherished. Daily I am connected to amazing people who inspire me, and I am so grateful that I am here on the planet at such a time as this.  Many sorrowful things have occurred recently to people I love; death, illness and the like.  I myself have traveled through such waters and I know this stream,  it’s underground currents drive us forward with a force to be reckoned with.  And I must say, I live for simplicity!  Enjoying the moment, gratitude for every little thing I can enjoy!  It may be a great meal shared with friends, a song that comes on the radio in traffic, or a phone call from an old friend. If I could say anything to anyone, I would say, “please don’t miss your special moments”!  It’s there all around you, beauty to be savored.

Hugs and hope for us all!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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A day in nature makes me happy!

Sarah Hale Folger. glasses

Wow, what a wonderful day Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 was!

We took off for The Port of Galilee, which is a quaint little fishing port located in Narragansett, Rhode Island for a little sun and fun, considering it has been so cold to start this year’s spring. It was a whopping 55 degrees, and we, my man and I, were dying to get out.

Sarah Hale Folger.Gallalie.1-2

When we got there, most of the people were down near George’s, which is a staple restaurant/bar in Galilee. We finally got outside, we started shooting with our camera’s, and taking in the sun and relative warmth.

If you haven’t been to Galilee I think you’re missing out. Rhode Island is actually quite the tourist destination and when it isn’t cold outside it is a privilege to live here.


Galilee is an authentic working New England fishing village and has a great selection of seafood restaurants, shops, a local hotel, and is close to two State Beaches, Roger Wheeler, Salty Brine and ten minutes away is Narragansett Beach. The Port is also home to many charter fishing vessels, a sightseeing tour, and it’s also a major hub for year round ferry service to Block Island, with the Block Island Ferry.

The next 2 photo’s are not mine but I took them from the internet to show you exactly what I am talking about!!  (BTW, I can’t wait to board the Block Island Ferry this spring and summer to go to the island and experience paradise!  It really is so beautiful here in Rhode Island!

BI ferry Galilee pic

One of the greatest little secrets of Galilee is the lobster boats docked along the pier that have fresh lobsters and fish fresh from the ocean. You just park your car, walk up to any boat and they will hand you fresh seafood. It’s Simply Amazing!

When you turn into Galilee you can’t miss the great Block Island Ferry Boats ready to take people to Block Island. The owners are friends and do an amazing service for such a small fee.

Did I mention George’s? Well we couldn’t resist a drink in the upstairs bar where there was live music.

All around are cute eateries, bars, restaurants and cool little stores.

overhead galilee

We pulled over on the way out and took some nature shots!  It felt so good to be outside and around nature that we couldn’t help but feel invigorated!

Sarah Hale Folger. Galilie.2

A shot into the water world!

Sarah Hale Folger. under water

The view is so inspiring, that if it were a little warmer I would have sat down for some plein aire drawing with my sketch book!

Sarah Hale Folger. Gal. meadow

I am a tree lover and this tree was so sweet I wanted to hug it!!! (I’ve been stuck in the house too long! LOL)

Sarah Hale Folger.tree

Just to think, this one beautiful expression of nature made it through winter and is looking MARVELOUS, Darling!!!

Sarah Hale Folger. wheatgrass

No coats today!  We are so close here in New England to shedding all of our sweaters!!


Ahhh- now I love when I stop to find little gems of nature.  This is so fulfilling to me.  Today is raining and cold so just looking at these photos from Sunday gives me patience.

Sarah Hale

So my friends!  Here’s to contentment in the small moments of life!  I love sharing them with you!

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Peace in the little moments!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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Cultivate your inner genius!

Sarah Hale Folger.Einstein

I love Einstein! In fact I admire his tenacity so much that he is one of my top picks for people from history who have inspired me.   I painted this portrait of him in my quest to create portraits of people who have motivated me to move out of my stagnancy into striving towards my passions.  Why did I paint it like this?  LOL, well, it shows you how warped my brain is LOL.   The short version is because I create in an unstructured unplanned way.  As I meditated on the lessons his life spoke to me, I sort of just lost myself in whatever emotion passed through me.  But as I focused on his face, I began to feel the labor intensify to try to be accurate and perfect, and immediately my response was to get frustrated with feelings of perfectionism and fears of failing.  So I shifted how I was painting.  I didn’t want to be perfect, I just wanted to be expressive, so why was I getting tripped up in the first place? I lost my stream of inspiration so I made a quick move to grasp my original intent.  I laid down my brush and grabbed purple paints and started squeezing them on the giant canvas (approx. 4’x4′).  I did this fast and furiously, intending to eliminate the entire thing as I slashed through it. As I started painting with my hands  I began to feel the emotions rushing through me. I purged my sense of self judgement and after intending to go completely abstract, something inside of me stopped and I pulled back from painting.  I went and washed my hands and made a cup of tea and left it for the day, wondering if I would ever complete it.

Sarah Hale Folger.blurred vision

It wasn’t until the next morning when I revisited the painting that I discovered Einstein’s eye peeking out at me through all that abstraction, and I realized I wanted to bring him back.  The only recognizable part was his blurred eye. Einstein would never give up once he had a gut instinct about something and I was not going to give up either! I conquered my stagnation!  Inspired by Einstein, I refused to throw up a white flag.  The only surrendering I was going to do was to surrender the thought to quit!

Sarah Hale Folger.clearer vision

Here are a few Albert Einstein Quotes.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new”

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

“Life is like a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving.”

Sarah Hale Folger.speak inspire

Einstein had a learning disability.  At least that’s what the world of academia said about him. But he saw the world unconventionally and I am so glad he never bought into the going standard of accepted intelligence.  Who can measure such a thing as the potential of a mind anyway?  The education system if used improperly can cater to people who learn by only certain methods, leaving others to be labeled as “less than”.  But we are each of us unique and constantly evolving, how can that be measured?

I thank God Einstein was tenacious throughout his life, and when faced with all kinds of criticism, he persevered with his theory even when he was the only one who could see and believe what he knew in his heart to be true.  Conventional physicists had stagnated and accepted theories as fact and that was something Einstein refused to do.  He would not accept stagnation in science or in himself. His passionate drive was enough to drive him forward against the tide of popular belief.  He also surrounded himself with others who were willing to go to great lengths to boldly try to help him prove what no one on the planet knew yet.

Sarah Hale and einstein

I believe we all have a little genius in us, those moments when we just know what we know.  So often we give up before we have any proof.  Others doubt us, and we then doubt ourselves.  There is no better moment then this moment in time to reach for fulfilling those theories deep in our hearts that we want to prove.  Who knows what undiscovered talents each of us possesses?  So goodbye to rigid thinking that does not serve to inspire hope!  With a lot of rewarding hard work, lets go for our personal genius!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!




Practicing Gratitude in the Face of Death


Shock, disappointments, and circumstances beyond our control, how do we deal with them?  When loved ones die, or love dies, or love cannot be found no matter how hard we reach to find it, it is then we must realize that the only hope is to find love within ourselves.  Some may reach for a God to heal, and others to other means, but ultimately it is the choices we make along each step that frees our souls.  Nothing “out there” is responsible for what we believe and how we act on those beliefs.  I hate death, it’s so shocking and final, yet it comes to everyone and every living thing must die. We all know this is true, but none of us want to accept it.  It is our survivor instinct, our fight or flight instinct that rises up when we are faced with the inevitable of someone we love being snatched from us when we aren’t ready.  But we will never be ready to let someone go so easily when they are so much a part of us.  One day I will die, and leave those who love me behind. With this knowledge, I seek to love those around me with all my heart and thereby being able to pass on something to them that will live in them when I am gone.  After the initial shock of my death, if it is shocking, I want my children, grandchildren and the others whom I love, to be able to smile and laugh as they remember me.  I am setting about to live my life to the fullest so ultimately the story that was my life will be inspiring and full of love. Only coping and dealing with fear and pain, and overcoming them, and deciding to choose love and healing can establish this legacy.

This week two people in my life died suddenly and without warning. And at the same time, a most precious woman who has always been my second mother, is under Hospice care, and it’s almost time for her to depart from here.  I am challenged now to walk the talk, to be happy in the face of such sadness. I feel the tearing of my heart, as the fight or flight knocks on my door.  But I know now, after dealing with all the death of loved ones in my life that this is all a part of life.  I do not want to treat death like an evil invader to be fought. I do not profess to be good at this, but I am choosing at this time to see all the beauty that these people who have passed on have given the world.  I am honored to have known them and to have been touched by their light.

I reach out to them and all those who have gone before me, and I say thank you for just being who you were.  I love you all for it.  I am a better person for having been touched by your lives.


There are other kinds of deaths as well, including divorce and friendships that after break ups have a similar effect on the human soul. Loss of pets, jobs, hopes, dreams, and homes, these things challenge us to the core and we must grieve them. Oh the hot tears and the inconsolable moments and the nights when sleep runs away from us faster than a locomotive, these things we often must bear. These gut wrenching moments I have suffered through have brought me to where I am in the here and now.

So how can I talk about happiness, when so much sadness abounds and in so many ways the world is in turmoil?  I can only say that it is because of knowing that at any time, and at any moment, it could all be over that I strive even harder to be happy.  I was not always able to live like this, in fact it is a new habit of mine to practice happiness.

I want to write a disclaimer here.  I am not always thrilled with the stress of life, in fact the grind of it can be quite debilitating. But I am determined to look for, seek out, and focus on the parts of daily life that cause me joy or gratitude.

I want to share this poem I wrote and attached to one of the photographs I took in Siesta Key Florida last year while with Gates and Kathy, my second parents.  I was going through a divorce from a 30 year marriage, and I was so lost I did not think I could ever get my bearings again.  After many days of insomnia, I sat up in my bed tired of crying, worrying I was losing my mind, and I wrote this.  As soon as I finished it, I laid down and slept.  I don’t know why, but I have discovered that whenever I am in pain I must create something like a song or a painting, and then I am able to be released from the pain and experience hope, peace and even joy.  That is how I started this blog and believe it or not, it’s when I started really getting happy.

So here is my poem or whatever you want to call it. I hope that if you are struggling in emotional pain that this will inspire you.

Sarah Hale Folger.flying

So, to those of you who are letting go of those who must go on, my heart goes out to you.  I am so sorry for the families of the friends I lost this week and I am aching knowing there is not much time for Kathy.  I know that Kathy has the most loving and adoring husband and her children and grandchildren have been so blessed and have so much love for her.  I am heartbroken.  Yet I suspect that those who have gone or are leaving us, want us to be happy about the love they gave us!

I want to send you my dear Kathy, a giant hug and lots of love!  I am not with you as you make this transition, but if you could see my soul it would be thanking you for all your love and all the memories!

Sarah Hale Folger.thank you

Even though I have tears, I am so thankful for those I love and how their spirits touch mine!

I celebrate the lives of all my loved ones who have passed.  I have a feeling this makes them happy!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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Happiness is at your fingertips, literally!

Sarah Hale Folger reach

It is amazing to me that I have finally come to understand that happiness is not some illusive thing only for the rich and famous, or the accomplished, or the lucky ones, or the people we put on pedestals.  In fact, some of the happiest people in the world are considered poor, unlucky, unaccomplished, uneducated, and the list goes on.  The truth of the matter is, happiness has nothing at all to do with status, but has everything to do with making the right turns in your thinking to adjust to whatever circumstance life throws at you.  I am not quite sure exactly how the concoction is mixed, but I think it looks a lot like this, at least it does for me.

  1. Your Childhood Lessons learned, good, bad and ugly.
  2. Your Teen Years: Adjusting to raging hormones as the body races toward adulthood, and peer pressure from groups that test individuals with judgments and comparisons.
  3. Family Life and Friends:  People who teach you how to figure out life and chances are there is a lot of bad thinking being passed on along with those nuggets of truth.
  4. School & Work Life: If you didn’t have the same learning style as your superiors, you may have thought you weren’t good enough, or were stupid, or that it was too hard. If you had good teachers and bosses who encouraged you, you may have thrived.
  5. Bumps in the Road: Tragedies, unexpected changes, illnesses, and loss of significant caretakers or soulmates can flip you on your back like a turtle and you can get stuck.
  6. DNA: We are given a certain set of genes that can manifest as either positives or negatives throughout our lives.


So then what is one to do when life throws you a curve ball?  How does one survive and then regroup, move on, and thrive when one has been overwhelmed?  From my personal experiences I can honestly say that every hardship left me with a choice as to how I would respond, and thereby either benefit from the situation or be hindered by it.  Thank God for me that I have had angels in my life.  These are people who have picked me up and carried me at crucial junctures in my life, where maybe I would have given up all hope and fallen into despair, had not they intervened.  But there have been times when I have allowed despair to win for a while.  Grief is a teacher, the one struck by it must be a willing student. It’s ok if you were dropped into uncertainty in your life, it may feel like a whirlwind out of control, so how do you come out of it?  For me, I do the first thing that comes to mind that I can control.  It may be something as simple as doing the laundry. Below is a list of ideas that I use that help me overcome:

  1. I put myself in the presence of those I love and who love me. These are my children, my grandchildren and my friends.  I do this especially when I would rather be alone.
  2. I create something.  Because I am an artist I may paint like a mad scientist, or I may write, sing, or play the piano.  I may even cook or do some gardening, anything creative that I can do that puts me in the driver seat.
  3. I spend time outdoors.
  4. When I had pets they were a great comfort to me.
  5. I exercise.  This could be put at the top of this list because of all the benefits it gives especially the endorphins that get produced. (Yoga, bike riding and lifting weights, are my favorite outlets)
  6. I often pray, meditate, or listen to music.
  7. Above all else, I realize that this is a temporary moment in my life. I know it won’t be long before something positive occurs.


Trust me when I tell you, I have struggled with many difficult hardships in my life that have left me confused and in pain. At one point in my life when I was in pain, I formulated a mental picture which I have never forgotten.  I envisioned myself in a garden much like one you would see in England, I would imagine.  It consisted of tall sculpted bushes creating a labyrinth, and I found myself stuck in the middle not knowing which way to turn. I felt guided only by my gut instincts.  (If you ever saw the David Bowie movie Labyrinth, you would know what I mean.)  In this imagined maze of mine, there were hidden doors you could advance through if you have eyes to see.  The point is that life can be like a maze, and we are always trying to get to the destination of happiness by the shortest route.  We may take a few wrong turns along the way, so we have to be patient.I have come to believe that in many circumstances we are so programed by our past experiences that we often become fearful of what could happen when faced with a new dilemma.

This is how I try to work through the process:

  1. I think of people who I admire and study how they handle conflict resolution, and how they carry themselves in times that were trying. I often ask myself what traits about my heroes do I want for myself?
  2. Then I take a good look at myself and decide what traits about myself am I sick and tired of living with? Am I tired of being afraid? Do I have anger problems? Am I unable to focus on my goals? Am I unable to figure out what I want? Am I sad for too long after a trauma or a sad life occurrence ? I ask myself how I wish I could respond and from that I have my homework. The real truth is, we are often unnecesarily unhappy because we think we have no solutions to our problems so we seek answers outside of ourselves. Often this can lead to all sorts of problems in peoples lives such as drug and alcohol abuse, relationship conflicts etc. So the key is, we must obtain new tools for our toolbox.  Then, when you know what you need, you get the right tool to get the job done!

Sarah Hale Folger.2017 GodPark

I know I can go on a rant so I’ll dial it back. Please feel free to have dialog with me because sometimes we all need a little encouragement.  I am not a doctor, nor a professional healthcare provider, or any such thing.  But I have been through the school of hard knocks, and I am hard at work on my self awareness and self improvement journey, and it’s working!

I want to end this blog by telling you about someone who has inspired me in many ways. This person is my friend Sue, and she has stood by me since the day I met her.  Sue has three sons and a daughter and I believe 9 grandchildren!  She has overcome some serious stuff, and among them was type 2 Diabetes. She was suffering for a long time and then she did research on this subject and realized that she had the potential of having control over how this disease could effect her life.  Sue set her mind to the hard but rewarding work of reprograming how she lived her life.  Soda was quickly replaced by water, and carbs and sugar were quickly put in their place. Sue could have given up but she didn’t.  It is now years later and I know all of her children and grandchildren are happy that she takes such good care of herself.  She still has other health issues to manage, but she takes care of herself, and makes sure that what brings her happiness is always at her fingertips, and that happiness is being able to be right in the trenches with her family.  Sue’s family stands as a testimony to what true love looks like to all who know them.


So come on, its time to kick bad thinking to the curb and find out what really makes you happy?  I say let’s GO FOR IT!!!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!


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Does it matter what others think of you?


I’ve been on the planet for a while now and in this time I have observed people around me, and either have been amazed at what I have seen or saddened on many levels. As a child I was very different for many reasons, but mainly because I was raised in a family that basically ran a zoo out of our home.   It was a wildlife rehabilitation project and we raised and released wild and exotic animals that had been injured, or were in some sort of need.  In addition to this, my mother was the Irish Setter rescuer for The Cincinnati Animal Rescue League. We had many monkey’s including a chimpanzee that my parents rescued from a bar who we needed to detox from alcohol and cigarettes. We had pythons, boa constrictors, chinchillas, raccoons, birds of prey, etc, etc, etc. Every season the animals would come and go. My mom once told me that I really wouldn’t ever be able to have girls over to the house because they would not understand, and for the most part she was right.   I was often called weird and I simply did not really fit in.

When I think back at some of the memories, they were hilarious, but I can remember the pain of being judged and I was a sensitive kid.  I was someone who was always involved in comforting and feeding animals, and cleaning their cages, and it made me a very empathetic person.

In many ways, I just wanted to fit in with the normal kids. But when I look back now I realize what an amazing adventure my life had been.  How many people have had the experiences that I have had?  But as a child and teenager, I cared deeply about what others thought and it caused me great anxiety.  I wish now that I had been able to ignore what other people thought, and instead, I wish I had been able to focus on the positive things other people had to say.

It’s funny how I carried the trait of worrying about what others thought of me into adulthood. It was reinforced in so many ways.  In fact, as I continued in charitable and non-profit work with humans throughout my adulthood, I started to realize it was an epidemic not unusual to me. I felt an obligation to inspire people in my world to believe in themselves and not to worry about what other people thought.  I realized how silly it was for any of us to stress over the judgement of others, because life is short and it would be best spent finding out what is important to ourselves and going after that!  As far as the judgement of others?

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It doesn’t matter, everyone has a right to an opinion, but most of the time I’m learning that we should keep our opinions to ourselves.

It’s illogical to believe someone else should know what’s best for your life. As long as you aren’t hurting other people, doing anything unethical or immoral, why should anyones opinion about your life matter more than what your heart is telling you?

My mission is to be true to my heart, and to make my life count. I just so happen to derive a tremendous amount of happiness by encouraging others to be happy as well.  So consider yourself encouraged!

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ICU!  Do you see YOU? What do others think of you? Does it Matter?

Take a moment to answer these questions, you may be surprised at your answers!

I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to share your stories with me!

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OH NO! I didn’t get the memo!

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Who said life after 50 was the beginning of the countdown to the end?-how morbid!

I cringe when I hear people talking about life as though it is almost over and they are just in their 50’s. I mean, I know 80 year olds who put me to shame and never stop moving and trying new things!  That’s the ticket!  Refusing to accept that you are old, at least in your mind! What is age anyway? I know, I know, excuses, excuses. Well, if you could decide what team you played on would it be the winning team, or the losing team?  It’s all in the mental approach.  It’s hard, I know, I have struggled with emotional pain most of my life for various reasons. You have to put your foot down at some point on one side or the other.  Either you win or you lose.  It’s that simple.  Now I feel it coming, all the really sad stories out there which are true and valid.  Real sicknesses, real trauma… you are not those I am speaking to with these words.  Hugs to those of you who are there right now, I can only say from experience, I want you to make it across that tumultuous stream you have fallen into against your will.  May love come to you in some form and carry you safely to the other side!! Hugs! But for those of you who are lazy, fatigued or lacking inspiration for your own life I say, STOP doing that!  It’s no fun, wrong team!

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I have spent most of my life trying to make other people happy and making my happiness contingent on theirs. There are many reasons why and none of them really matter in the end, I am who I am.

I was raised in a family that ran a non-profit for wildlife, dear God that is the story that needs more voices to tell than just mine. Sooner or later I will be interviewing as many willing participants in my family as I can arm wrestle into submission!

I also spent many years working for other non-profits.  So I understand giving till you are running on fumes, but love fills up your tank! But in your 50’s you say to yourself, “Self, time to take care of you! Cheers to you!” And Self says, “Cheers back at ya! and Cheers to the ones I love!” I’m jumping into the universe!!

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But I digress, what I really want to say is that I will be writing fast and furious when the mood strikes.  I have always had lots to say and there will most likely be misspelled words, so forgive me ahead of time!  I remember my Uncle once telling me that as a little girl I was always curious and asking questions. This still rings true. I will be posting my interviews as they unfold as well, I can’t wait!

So here I am, living on the edge of uncertainty, letting go of fear and positioning myself to view the true beauty all around me. You see, the way I look at it, I know the human brain tends to focus on the negative. Just look at the news and the storylines of movies! Death, mayhem, fear, oh no! Someone save us! I say, like a salmon, go against the stream and reach for the higher perspective and save yourself! Its time to get happy!!

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You in?  I am, and I am cheering for you too!!!!

Stay with me, I have no idea where I am going moment to moment, but I am leaning towards an image I have in my mind.  It’s one that takes the lemons and makes lemonade! It’s green pastures and adventure on the way!  I can see me on a white horse with my sword raised to the sky! My horse has wings! I will fly, I will be free!

So if you are with me on this journey , yeah!  Join me in saying what my favorite childhood book said to do and say-“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!” Yes, we too can be like the little engine that could!!!

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The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!

The Power of the Red Dress



So here I am, 53, the mother of 3 amazingly beautiful daughters, and 3 fabulous grandchildren. Did you hear my heart go BOOM, boom, BOOM, boom, BOOM? These giant blessings in my life are my greatest gifts. Yet here I am in my middle years, imagining myself with my sword brandished high!! (The pen is mightier than the sword, so it is my sword, well okay, it’s a keyboard not an actual pen, but you get my meaning!!) I find myself embarking on a new career, which is taking all my life’s experiences and making something magical appear from that soil. At least that is the goal!!  Seriously, I may be crazy, I certainly am flying by the seat of my pants, but hey you know I’ve heard it said, “Jump and the net will appear!” Well, I’ve jumped out into the universe 3 times in less than 2 years. Part of that was I left a job I loved and went through skin cancer radiation treatment, which really rocked my mental world and not to mention made me feel weak and lost. I arose out of all this with a renewed awakening.  My perspective just totally shifted. I mean when I think back at all the phases of my life, I feel like a cat with 9 lives. I refuse to count what numbered life I am on now because I am hoping I have a few left in me!  But seriously, when you cry and sweat and agonize,over life’s upsetting  events and then you cross over to the other side, you say, hey I’m happy to be on this planet and I want to choose to be happy, successful and to take all the lessons I have learned and make something fun and exciting come from it all.

As this blog goes on I am sure my old stories will resurrect and new ones will emerge.  There is nothing I hate more than negativity, panic and doubt! ARGHHHH!!! If I were a super hero I would slay all those nasty villains! So this is why I am focused on the power color red today.  As my 50+ modeling shoots emerge  I will use some of the images to empower you to find the inner goddess in you and to bring her forth!!! Someone once told me after I got off a stage where my old band had played, that it was dangerous for me to wear a red dress. LOL!  Well, I never thought red was a color I should wear but after that comment I encourage you too to purposefully wear something red and have your own dangerous photo shoot!!  Being an artist, I am a big lover of color.  I will use the various meanings of the color red to describe the photos I have selected. (Thanks to JENNIFER BOURN)

In different cultures red carries different meanings. In some cultures, red represents purity, joy, and celebration and is a traditional color worn by brides. In China, red is used for good luck and represents happiness and prosperity. In South Africa, red is the color of mourning and in Russia red is associated with communism because in history, they used a red flag when they overthrew the Tsar. In the United States, red, when combined with white and blue represent patriotism and pride of country. (Well,that was interesting!)



The color red is a highly visible color that is able to focus attention quickly and get people to make quick decisions, which is one of the reasons fire trucks and fire engines are usually painted red. Flashing red lights mean danger or emergency, while stop signs and stop lights use the color red to alert drivers about the dangers of the intersection. (Better look out when you see red!)


Too much red causes loss of temper, agitation, anger, and overbearing, demanding, and oppressive behaviors. Too little red causes lethargic, cautious, whiny, and manipulative feelings. To get out of control emotions under control add green, the opposite of red. To get rid of exhaustion, add more red. (I mean, I think we may be putting a lot of power to control in color, wouldn’t you say?)


Red, the color of blood and fire, is associated with meanings of love, passion, desire, heat, longing, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance, joy, strength, leadership, courage, vigor, willpower, rage, anger, danger, malice, wrath, stress, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination. (Wow, talk about yin and yang!!!)


The color red is an intense color that is packed with emotion ranging from passionate, intense love to anger and violence — representing both cupid and the devil. It is a hot, strong, stimulating color that represents excitement and energy.


Studies show that the color red can create physical effects such as elevated blood pressure, enhanced libido, increased respiratory rates, enhanced metabolism, increased enthusiasm, higher levels of energy, and increased confidence.


Red is assertive, daring, determined, energetic, powerful, enthusiastic, impulsive, exciting, and aggressive. Red represents physical energy, lust, passion, and desire. It symbolizes action, confidence, and courage. The color red is linked to the most primitive physical, emotional, and financial needs of survival and self-preservation.



So listen ladies of a certain age, whatever it takes for you to become all you were meant to be, lies within you!!  We were all dealt a certain hand, it’s up to us to choose to play that hand, to trade in some cards, or to fold.  What will it be?  I suggest highly that we dig deep and come up positive!  I know life can be terrifying and we never really know what we are doing, there are just too many variables.  But stick with me and come on my journey with me!  I am simply taking the next step each day that I awake and then the one after that.  Stop believing whatever set of lies it is you tell yourself and if you are a positive woman with something to give please post a comment!  If you are down in the dumps its pretty clear that even if the only red thing you own is a dish towel, find away to tuck it in and wear it, go stand in front of a mirror, put some red lipstick on and smile at yourself, or at least laugh at yourself!  Its time to go for the red!  Remember ladies, you want to develop those brass ovaries!  It’s your precious life, don’t let anything stop you from fighting for the best one it can be!!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!


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