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Nothing is the same, all will be made new

It was only yesterday we knew what to do

But these days they are dragging

It’s a tornado with no compass

But you will be lifted out of and into

The way things will be as we renew

Don’t get caught up in the panic and ensue

Rather hold your torch up high in the midst

Bad news spews day in and day out 

‘Tis true we must be vigilant with great care

But these times as troubling as they are

They too shall pass and leave their scar

This is the time for leaders to arise

Heads of families groups and more

Times have been worse before it’s true

So hold your blazing torch to the sky

You were born to raise your sword as such

To inspire a world in chaos

Those who would faint under the weight

Need you to arise

We know who we are

We will survive

We will grieve and mourn those we have lost

This has always been the way around the globe

Suffering takes it’s toll grieves the very heart and soul

Humankind has been given this opportunity

To rise and shine with love for its inhabitants

We are all equal but vastly different

This is a global opportunity to coexist

Shall we waste it on pointing fingers

 Or shall we rise up and hold our hearts on display

This world needs people who still believe in each other

Take good care of those under you

This too shall pass but we will always remember

Like never before these times they stir

Hearts and minds are up for grabs

With so much media and other voices clamoring

It’s time to remember where we came from and who we are

Life may be short but it must be plentiful

We will be better for the lessons we have learned

Let us never grow complacent again

Enemies are real and they are true to their cause

We cannot make peace with those who will not understand

 Yet we must always believe there is hope

There is so much more than Hope

There is a future

It is bright and ripe for the taking

We are all not the same but now we know

What it feels like to be on the same planet

Let’s do a better job this time

Life, love and hope for the future

We should offer each other willingly

Be vigilant like never before

Right now there are unseen things we cannot explore

Some trust must be given for a solution

Do not trust your enemies

But the most important thing we can do

Is learn, love, communicate better, and never ever ever give up.


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