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With every passing decade I learn

I grow from the experiences

Hardship or Triumph

Makes no difference

They both produce fruit

Because I am watching

Observing the actions and responses

Feeling my soul deep inside

How else to measure the growth

But to look into others eyes

Hear their words

Or lack of them

Do they turn to me

Or fall away

Was it me

Or was it them

The question ensues

Does it matter

Do they matter

To my happiness

To my sense of self worth

Years come and go

Don’t want the insanity

Of doing the same thing

Expecting different results

Every time my eyes see something new

I am growing

Epiphanies, and A-ha moments

Make me want to let go of things sooner

When they hold me back

Gripping onto past beliefs

Causes rigor mortis

The soul becomes stiff and totally unpliable

This I fear the most

I see it among those I have loved

Must not carry the dead weight

Do all you can to resurrect

To keep alive and well

But if you fail you must leave behind

Those who will not grow

And do not want you to either

Keep safe in a quarantine

Those you treasure

Who see you and reciprocate the love

The reason to live

And to strive for more

Bring them in close

But let them be free to fly whenever they must

For they are as you are

Singular snowflakes

The fingerprints of God

Cannot control or manage

Create the circle

Around your tribe

Keep it secret, keep it safe

Let the circus go by

Don’t let them in

Don’t infect the purity

Where one for all and all for one

Is not polluted by thieves

Masquerading as angels of light

They cannot see

Nor do they understand

What you have is beyond what they can see

So do not fear, but do not draw near

To those fascinating performers

Go to the circus to be inspired

But don’t bring it home

Keep your circle safe


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