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I awaken while it is still quiet

Something is shifting in my heart

Everyday in limbo

Watching the have’s and the have not’s

They go at it pointing fingers

Those with masks staying inside

Driving with them on and the windows up

Fear has gripped the hearts of many

Others have a different approach

Breathing the free air they refuse to wear

Something that makes them claustrophobic

Commercials everywhere of those who capitalize

These times they are an opportunity

But they are tearing us apart

Judgement and divide

All while politicians hide

They the biggest opportunists of all

But then there is just one

Me or you

We are more than votes

We live to breathe

Give me liberty

Tired of the spinning

And playing on our emotions

There is a fire burning in my heart

One that cannot be denied

It has burned off the useless rubble

Thoughts and concerns too small

There is a desire to live

To grow and prosper

There is no substitute

For the satisfaction of working hard

Of dreaming and building

It is unnatural to submit

To something you know is going to harm

You and others you know

Forced to wait

The heart grows weary

The mind is challenged

Daily the monotony

Staying focused but to what end

Trying to accomplish something

But for what

Now is the time

To connect to the higher self

The one who knows that nature

Cures and teaches

What lessons will we learn

Will we be forever altered

By the deeds of a few

We’ve been brought to our knees

Now it is time to use them

To fight with our hearts

Against the stagnation of our nation

It is time to bow our hearts

To lift our heads

To believe that the actions of some

Will not crush us all

I refuse to be a pawn

So easily sacrificed

It is now that I ask for wisdom

To travel this treacherous path

To believe that it will lead me

To greener pastures

We are not weak

We are strong

We cannot give into fear

We will triumph over all

Our enemies will lose their way

No one knows the origin

Of the will and intent they strive for

But today I ask the Creator of us all

To right the wrongs

It will be in exchange for something

Our hearts and minds

Must cleanse and focus

On love not hate

On unity not divide

On gratitude for life

Listen now

The truth is waiting in the wind

Open your hearts

And just feel a prayer

Seek the best you

Be mindful of what you think

Tune out the noise

Let your heart be your guide

And if it’s in your power to do good

Do it

If it’s in your skill set to make a difference

Do it

Everyday access your heart

Your thoughts and deeds

Did they truly serve humanity

Make the alterations necessary

To bring us together

Let this time purify our heart

Not harden it

And may peace be our guide


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