8115079215 - Find me in the wind

Photo by Jeremie Lecaudey

Trying to harness the wind

The power within

Just as the water rages

And the earth endures

Cannot count on things to be still

Hang it out to dry

But then the rain comes

So what is one to do

When the peace is interrupted

By bad news

Things never stay the same

But try to find

Those who can endure

The changes as they come

Who can align themselves

With you as you pull

A Louis and Clark expedition

Come On

Let’s Go

Why not Us

Yep this is the crew

You want to be on

Let’s go for the ride

Let’s make it last

For when the night comes

One must truly know

They are not alone

True friendships

They are so rare

So infrequent

When you move and shake

Most turn their backs

But not the one

The one you trust

Without which

Life is simply unbearable

Trust and Love

Go hand and Hand

So make it happen

Make it strong

Speak the truth

Love with heart

Don’t throw darts

Try to come to understand

We can be a gift or a curse

To anyone we know

If I give you my heart

Give me yours

Look around you

You will see

Broken trust and pain

So hard to trust

But what is the alternative

But to cave in and lose

Stand your ground

Believe in the miraculous

Be the miracle you want to happen


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Girl on a path

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