Sarah Hale Folger 3 232x300 - It's Time

I look up and I see her

Her hair is moving with the soft wind as she glides

Upon the path beside the ocean

Where the rocks meet the crashing waves

It is a still and beautiful morning

With every step she takes

Her shoulders are straighter

Finally taking care of herself

In ways she could not find to do before

Her mind used to be so troubled

So sad and so confused

Anxiety of people

Who could not see her and never understood

The heart of gold within her

Just wanting to find home

Wanting family and friends

But born to grow out of

And into new dimensions

So misunderstood

Ahead of her time

But I look at her now

And I see her placid face

As she stops to stare

And absorb the sunrise

On the hilltop by the sea

Where it all comes together

No more fear

Only resolve

To build the dreams she thought had died

There is a knowing now

The past is gone

Every failed attempt forgiven

And gratitude for the lessons learned

The path will be rocky

The ground will shift about

But shes found her balance

The core of who she really is

Not clouded by doubt and fear

She was there all the time

Buried under the weight

Of others fears

Too many tears were shed

The ground was made soft by them

And they were not wasted

As they softened her heart

And made it pliable and ready

To be authentic

Full of faith

The kind that moves mountains

That inspires others to step out

It will be magical

Surrounded by mystery

But beautiful and free

Just as she is

The sun has risen

It’s fury and energy she absorbs

As she breaths deeply

Time to move now

So much to be done

Making up for lost years

She takes flight

Spreading her wings

Rising high into the sky

I watch till she is out of sight

I close my eyes and I am there

All my parts merge

Infant, child, teen, young, aging

Time is short

But it will be valued and not wasted

It will yield the fruit of my labor

It’s time


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