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I stand back and am amazed

By things I do not understand

Those who have tread upon paths I have not

Who learned lessons I do not know or understand

I am willing to see

Albeit sometimes It makes me faint

I do not know if I can catch up

You know so much

I am so far behind

But I grasp with my heart

Bypassing my mind

Cannot control what I do not understand

But open I remain

Knowing I want to know more

Aware of my deficiencies

Wanting so much more out of life

Like a magic bean planted at night

Growing up and through the clouds

I want to climb that vine

I am curious and hungry

There is a world out there

Filled with mystery and wonder

Don’t want to get tangled up

In a mess of my own making

Time is of the essence

When youth has passed you by

Must make quicker choices

To alter the course of each decision

Life has a way

Of setting the stage

Just walk on out on it

Or sit in the audience

The choice is ours

Don’t hesitate too long

Wonderland awaits


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