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Creating something

Is the best way to find yourself

It challenges you to push past your self doubt

If you don’t give up

If you push through the frustration

You will be given an opportunity

To find your inner beauty

So even if you are not an artist

Do something artistic

It will force you to grow

And you may discover

That right inside you

Lies your best friend

That one who really cares

About bringing out the best in you


Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you are

Know that yourself and you will be free

Let hurtful words pass you by

Why labor against the wind

I’ve seen it time and again

You cannot convince anyone

If what they need is proof

Instead let them see you as they must

Everyone is on their own path

Some people by nature sabotage

They build an image in their mind

Of who you are and what they believe

All my life I spent worrying about

Not being seen or understood

Until I finally found the truth

Which is it is not worth the time it takes

To convince someone of who you are

People make up stories in their own minds

They play them out on you

Because they will not work on themselves

It’s called projection

Impossible to fight against it

We’ve all done it

It is what children do

Thinking that their thoughts are everyone else’s

It takes patience to labor through

If you can convince them

Good for you and good for them

But if you cannot then you will feel trapped

Trapped by an illusion

Or punished by their words

Their pain becomes yours

What does love look like and feel like to you

You will be guided by peace

Seek it all day long

If sadness rules the roost

And anger has gripped you by your throat

Remember that love means different things

To different people

To truly love yourself

You must know what it means to you

Someone else may think they have you figured out

Their fantasy is not your reality

Sad but true

There is nothing you can do

You cannot make someone see you

You cannot make someone change for you

What you must seek and find

Is the true love of a lifetime

So rare it is, more precious than rubies

Diamonds or gold

For peace at any cost is not peace

And forcing your truth on another

Will never stick

Instead settle down your broken heart

And discover what you truly need

You are worthy of being seen and known

But you may be the only one who can

Ever know what you really look like

When people look at you they see

The shell you dwell in

And maybe some of your soul

Who are you

Not the one that eyes can see

The one that is true to the core

If you have discovered that you want to love

You must first start with loving yourself

How does one do this magnanimous thing

But to stop listening to what others think

And hear the sound of your own voice


Imagine you are walking down a pathway

And you see a child crying

She is curled up at the base of a tree

You stop and stare

And you feel her pain it reminds you of something

Something deep and powerful you want to ignore

You have compassion but it hurts too much

But you are compelled to stay and watch

You don’t know what to say or do

She’s all alone and scared and sad

You must attempt to help her

So you walk to her and get on your knees

You lift her face into your hands

And bring her eyes to meet yours

And when you do your heart is struck

You both stare in astonishment

For you realize that you are looking at yourself

It’s you at 10, or 5 or 15

Its you that’s crying, its you that’s scared

How is this possible you think

It can’t be possible

But it is

What do you need to do

What did you need way back then

And no one gave it to you

You needed this

And so now it has become up to you

To give you what you need

You speak these words

Stand up girl

You stand, you of way back then

Just waiting to be led

Tired of hiding

Tired of running

Tired of people hurting you

Disappointing you

Giving you a hole in your chest

And you hug yourself

Standing there wrapped in your own embrace

You care for yourself

You smile at her

You reach for her hand and hold it

You lead her down the hill

You walk and talk and laugh

Her pain subsides

She somehow knows

That she is seen

And she is known

And for the first time ever

There is peace

She says to you

What do I do when it happens again

When someone accuses me

Or takes their pain out on me

What do they want from me

You tell her nothing

You tell her to guard her heart

You tell her to ease her mind

She must simply observe

Don’t reason with insanity

There is no healing for it

Many can be healed

If they walk down that path alone

If they meet and greet their own self

If they wrestle with the bear of their own despair

Instead of running and finding someone to blame

They must accept that their path is their own

They cannot make you carry their pain

If you do, you will live in it with them

Why do that if you have no power to deliver them

They like you

Must deliver themselves

You can point them in the right direction

But they have to walk that line alone

Just as the painful journey into this world

You must do alone

Remember the path to entry was terribly painful

For the one who bore you

The path to leaving is also a lonely one

It is terribly painful for those who assist you

But the hardest path is the road from start to finish

People find all sorts of ways to ride for free

They use you as a vehicle to avoid walking it

If you let them

We all give birth to others

Every time we have that pain of colliding beliefs

Some want to never grow to freedom

The work is too hard and they hate it

They would rather take your provisions

And live off of your land

Than till their own soil

And grow their own crops

But they will always be incomplete

If they do not do their own work

It’s all about timing

When you meet someone on their path

It is an opportunity to grow

To become better, stronger, wiser and free

You can do this, you can stay safe

But you cannot avoid pain

Anymore than a mother giving birth can

Their is the anticipation

Anxiety and then pain

But the birth happens

The new life begins

And on and on we go

We give birth to each other

Stay on your path

Guard your heart

Stay safe

And when you find your tribe

Remember it will not be without pain

Suffering produces fruit

Learn the lesson

Let it make you a better person

Keep what is precious to you

Move out of harms way

Create yourself

One intentional part at a time

Don’t waste any opportunity

To create your best self

And become your best friend


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