pexels photo 733881 - Anticipation is Making me Wait

Mother Nature takes her own sweet time

Plan what you will

Expect what you want

But there is no denying who’s in charge

All creation cries out

So the story goes

And so it is

The magnificent event

Is a common one

But there is nothing ordinary

About snowflakes

And fingerprints

What a mystery

What a miracle

Each and every one

None commonplace

Each an opportunity

To change the world

As we know it

From invisible

To physical

We are transformed

By new birth

By the shift

The universe

Turns it’s eye on us

And gives the gift of life

For a time

Embrace the wonder

And the chance

To right the wrongs

And build kingdoms

That will endure

None so significant

As the bond between

Family and those we adopt

To expand and contract

To push through

The tunnel so tight

So hard to maneuver

Will not remember the journey

From womb to air

Screams of pain

From Mother to child

Everything will change

Break out the champagne

Light the cigars

It’s going to be a celebration

A toast to the joy

That is in my soul

After the anguish

Comes the peace

And the welcome

Of angels and men

Oh what a magnificent

Mysterious thing

To be a woman

Who bears a child

Who will become

A bridge

Between those

On separate sides

Push and breathe

Bear down

To bring to the world

The gift of life

As I wait

The anticipation

Is stirring my soul

from mother to daughter

She a mother

Making the world

Brick by brick

I am blessed among women

As I wait in wonder

For this special delivery


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