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Have you ever sat by the sea

Watched the waves come in and go out

Sometimes with such force

They feel like a threat

What is it that holds them back

The sea knows when to come in

And when to go out

I would call it intuition

But that’s impossible

So what is it that makes it so

The moon and sun

The winds vacillate

In all directions

The force that drives forward

The remnants of the wind that curl back

Ebb and flow

A rhythmical pattern of coming and going

Or decline and regrowth

That’s what these days yield

Insight and blindness

Love and hate

Hope and despair

Lost and found

But what this is becoming

Is a trailblazing expedition

Like Louis and Clark

Only we are unwilling participants

Who did not sign up for this

But we have no choice

We have been yanked from our beds

Thrown into the wagon

Sent on a perilous journey

To the new wild west

There are things learned on this path

That cannot be learned in comfort

Things that reveal themselves

Through pain and shock and horror

When there is fear you cannot run

There is no hiding place

Even those who travel in luxury

Cannot dismiss the deep seated angst

But we press on each day

With no end in sight

Facing our inner demons

Or casting them on someone else

Blaming and shaming

Anything to avoid feeling truth

That we cannot escape this prison

And it is not just a bad dream

And we cannot predict the future

No one leading us knows the way

We are losing lives on the road

And it becomes more meaningless

Because we become more numb

Everything we knew to be true is gone

Strangers move away

Eyes are filled with fear and anger

Judgement is high

Trust is gone

We can see it coming

The great divide

There are so many of us

We are forced to go on different sides

We are separated further away

The great divide splits our civility

Which way should we go

Which is the safer passage

No one knows

But some say they do

Or worse yet just say

The other side is misleading

They warn and threaten

When all we the people want to do

Is get safely to the other side

Even though we don’t know where we are going

Some say we will never go back home

Others say we will live on the other side

In a different way

The longer we stay on the path

The more I feel mislead

And new feelings are beginning to change me

I fight the power of them

Because it does not feel like me

But like someone thrust into war

Forced to fight a battle not of their own

But survive you must

And then I remember

The greatness of the trees

I remember that the sea knows when to come in

And when to go out

And when I think of those I love

Who got swept to the other side

And my heart longs to go home

I look around with my old eyes

Those that come from my heart

The ones who understand

Not with words but deep inside

The intuition of survival

More than that the purity

Of beauty and innocence

And I wake while others sleep

And I think for myself

Guided by My heart

Which has learned everything it knows

By absorbing Nature

In all her wonders tis the wisest

She has seen every generation of man and beast

Has watched and learned and participated

There were once dinosaurs who walked here

Their shadows are the clouds overhead

Casting on the plains around me

And we are here now

For such a time as this

It is our destiny to solve the riddles of the day

We will never know the truth in others

But we can know it in our hearts

And then I get it and I choose

To take a moment everyday

As many moments as I need

To remember what I know

In my heart about this life

And it’s knowing that comes

Without words or debating

Without reading body language

Without fretting the haves and have nots

No it is where true freedom lies

Inside my heart

I’ve been making the mistake

Of letting my mind lead my heart

Now I choose to shift this

I will let my heart lead me

Nature will be my guide

Breathing deeply sitting under a tree

Observing the wildlife around me

And I will learn the lessons this time will teach

About loving and giving

About where true peace comes from

About humanity

Flaws and all

And it will start with gratitude

Because every day I wake up and get to start again

Is a gift

For me and for you

This roller coaster ride

I don’t have to ride

I can be content just knowing

That the tide comes in and goes out

Just like it did yesterday

And nature speaks to me through this

She knows something about time

That it heals all wounds

So I will set up my sail

The wind will blow

It’s time for me to learn how to sail

And feel the power of the wind

It knows where to take me and you

I’ll run with it, crab through it

And go against it

My heart will know the way

Even though its lonely

And we are not together

We are destined now to be

Separated for a time

But not forever

Not even in death

Something tells me

It is better to hope

Than give up

And I can do this because

The seasons come and go

And come back around again

In this fast paced world

We must wait, is it a gift

We’ve stopped, we’re watching

Now let’s listen to our hearts

That’s where love’s grown


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  1. This is an amazing work of life changing art in words. So beautiful and real. Its truth, and it touches the depth of the soul. Thank you for it.

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