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Hey Friends,
You may have wondered what I have been up to lately. I am honing in focus wise on my art right now. I have taken many works of my mine from over the years and decided to make it available on both prints and products so that anyone may purchase it in some form. Some of my originals are still available for sale, but I am not restricting the number of prints and products that might be purchased from them.
In the next several months I will be beginning to reveal my new series I am currently working on. Going forward my fine art work will be available only as originals and on limited edition prints. However as I develop other digital designs I will continue to make them available on prints and products.
So you can see I am stretching the parameters of what we define art to be, whether it be fine art or designs. I am also reaching across the aisles of genres and therefore I will not allow myself to be boxed into any one way of making a living as an artist.
I will also be vlogging on several subject matters. I will be talking about why I created the art by telling each works’ story. I will also address many of the questions people have about art including how to utilize it in their homes, offices and more. Having spent nearly all my life in the arts in one way or another, I have a broad understanding of the artists’ mind. I have been challenged to define it and make it comprehensible by those within and without of it’s community. Debates inevitably ensue and people have strong opinions. Prejudice is a natural by-product of isolation, which I hope to be a cure for with this kind of discourse. I have grown to be embracive of all types of interpretations and would love to facilitate dialog and community that is brought together by simply opening up the platform for discourse.
Basically, I want to open up my heart to you about my work, why I do what I do, how I do it and what drives me along the way. I want to explore other peoples work in all genres and I hope that this will inspire you, spark your imagination and help you deal with the intensity of life just a little better.
Art of all kinds is a gift to the world. We all crave entertainment, beauty and expression. We all want to be moved and somehow to contribute ourselves. So please journey with me as I make myself vulnerable to the world. If you think that this is easy for me, think again. It is simply that I have come to the place in my life where I want my life to count, and for that to happen I must be authentic, true to my soul and rise and shine each day seeking the next adventure, the next soul searching moment that I simply must absorb, process, and then give away. I hope you stay with me and I would love to hear back from you. Please feel free to share this post with your friends.
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The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!

Are You Ready For Resurrection?


Yesterday was Easter, the Christian celebration of Christ’s resurrection. For me the very essence of the meaning of the word is within itself a call to a spiritual experience, no matter who you are or what you believe.


  • the revitalization or revival of something.

    Revival, restoration, regeneration, revitalization, reinvigoration, renewal, reawakening, rejuvenation, stimulation, re-establishment, re-launch, reintroduction, reinstallation, reappearance, rebirth, renaissance, comeback

When I think about my losses, or the losses of those I know and love, I have to believe that with each of those losses there was an upside. Just as winter kills off the plant life, and fire burns away the forest, there is a strong since of death and loss. But when the sun warms the ground, the earth begins to swell with life again, and the charred remains of the forest begin to regrow. It is a cycle, a resurrection of sorts. I know we all hate loss, so much so, that we try to avoid it at all costs. When someone we know dies, when love dies, when opportunites are just beyond our grasp we suffer the stages of grief.

But then if we remember, and we don’t get stuck in our grief, we will see the sunshine down upon us, we will see the green stems popping through the blackened ground. And the truth should be told, that you will be stronger, you will be better than you were before. We cannot change the past, we must not live in it.

Years ago I read a story about a polar bear that had been in a cage so long it got cage paralysis. Basically, it just paced back and forth and stopped eating. The zoo keepers became quite worried and in a desperate attempt to save the bear, they airlifted it into the wilderness and lowered the cage down onto the ground. They opened the cage door and waited, but the bear refused to get out of its cage. It was in captivity so long its mind was not even open to being set free. They tried to entice it out by putting meat outside the cage a ways off, but the bear only paced in the cage. A long time came and went and eventually they realized the bear could not even see the natural landscape around it, would not believe he could be free. The sad ending was they had to put the bear down after all of that.

I hate to say it, but so often times I see people all around me who hold onto the past pain of loss so tightly, that they live as if in a mental cage, and even if they were offered freedom and a new life, they would not believe it was for them.

It is my hearts plea to anyone who may read this blog and be suffering under the weight of loss, that you take a leap of faith and believe that no matter the loss you have suffered, you can and will be resurrected! I must say though, that it comes first by you making the choice to want it, and then believing it is possible to have it. I know that it is possible, I beg you to believe it! The first order of business is a mental shift!

Remember this, there are always those who will want you to stay in the cage, who will remind you of your loss or even blame you for it. Stay away from those people and find a support system of those who can see you in a resurrected state of mind and cheer you on! People who wish you to stay in your caged thinking, are in their own cage and don’t even know it.

But for you, may you find revival, new life, may you be restored to health, to prosperity, to knowing love. May your gifts come back even stronger as your restoration takes place. May all you have learned serve to make you indomitable, one that cannot be subdued or overcome by fear. May your courage bring about a revitalization of all those in your path or who seek respite under your wings. May you wake up each day and be rejuvenated. When others fade and buckle under the weight of their ambitions, may you be reinstalled as one who leads others to a place of peace and hope, conquering all doubt and fear.

As you are relaunched into the world, may the reintroduction of your spirit create an avalanche of change in the very atmosphere of your presence. As all you have learned now takes on new meaning, and all you have done becomes reborn, may a renaissance be unleashed on what you set your sights to do. May others welcome your comeback as one would welcome the warm spring grass underfoot, or the sunshine that soaks into the heart of the land and causes it to spring forth with life.

May each and everyone of us be that light, be that hope, it just takes that first step of faith in your mind and heart, and it takes courage to embark on the journey. Be as the seed, which first must die and be buried in the ground. Then by some miracle, it awakens from the cold darkness it was abandoned to, and starts to break forth into a shoot of green that bursts above the ground and grows! Think of the acorn which has become the mighty oak tree! How many people swing from it’s branches or take refuge under them? The winds may come, and the winds may blow, the rain and snow may pour down upon it, but it is strong in purpose and will grow to it’s full glory. This is what resurrection means to me. And it is for anyone and everyone who wants it!

Sarah hale Folger

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!


When you get the chance to, jump! It just may change your life.

I want to tell you a story from my early days. It’s been coming to my mind for several days now as I am still on track for making the most out of everything. Life is really short folks, we all know this by now. So I want to share a lesson I learned many years ago that I hope will inspire you to do whatever it is you want to do!

I was 15 years old in the summer of 1978, and one of my 4 brothers Jeremy, who was 18 years old at the time, had taken up skydiving. Of course, as in so many other things any of my brothers did, I just was dying to try it. When you are the youngest of five children, all born in 7 years, you are competitive and eager to be as good as they are at anything. Well I was a girl. Believe me, I learned that in many ways, that is just plain different than being a boy. But the heart of any human wants what it wants, and we are all the same on that score. My brother Jeremy saw my desire to follow in his footsteps as I watched him jump from the airplanes at the small airport in Waynesville, Ohio. So one day he came home with a form from the airport for a parent to sign, which would allow me, a minor to skydive. I remember the anxiety I had hoping my mom would not protest, and when she didn’t, I wondered if there was a reason why, without hesitation, she signed that puppy that exonerated the airport of any responsibility in my untimely death.

So off Jeremy and I drove in the VW Hatchback on the road to the airport. On the highway he sped the car up to it’s full speed capacity, pedal to the metal, and he commanded me to lean out the window, torso on the windowsill fingers gripping the door, face to the wind, he yelled to me, “FEEL THAT???, FEEL THE WIND??” I was a bit breathless nodding yes and super excited at the thrill of it all and he slowed down and we had ourself a short lecture. He said to me,”Now Sarah, today you will take a 4 hour course and you will learn all about how to jump, how to land in a round parachute, you will be attached to a static line inside the plane. When you get up in the airplane, which only has a seat for the pilot, you will not listen to anyone else on the plane in your group. You will all be sitting on the floor, and one by one your instructor will let you all out. Each time one of you jumps out, the pilot will have to circle around again for the next jumper. Now Sarah, some people really freak out and scream and cry, you will not be one of them. When they freak out I want you to stare out the window and enjoy the ride. Do what you are trained to do, and make me proud.” To which I said, OK.

So for 4 hours, 2 men in their 30’s and I, a mere 15, took a course all about the wind. We were told about going with the wind, going against the wind, and crabbing through the wind. We learned how to use the toggles and that we would jump with the static line for the first 3 jumps. We jumped from a 6 foot platform after we learned the commands which I still have in my head which were; SIT IN THE DOOR, GET OUT ON THE STRUT, and GO!!!! Then we were taught to arch, look, reach, and pull. For the landing we were taught to bend our knees when we hit the ground (at an incredible speed I might add in a round parachute like in the military) fall to the side and then roll our body to the other side and slap our hand to take the shock out of hitting the ground so hard and fast.

It was a plane sort of like this.

It was a plane sort of like this.

We, the 2 men and I, followed instructions like sheep being led. We learned how to pack a parachute but we did not pack our own. Then we were ready. We got in the small airplane, one of those that has only one seat for the pilot and we all squished into it. The instructor was a woman in her late 30’s. I was the first in and I sat with my back against the pilots chair making sure I was near the little window which I could stretch my head to look out of. The 2 men and the instructor got in, and off we went. It was loud and bumpy and the waves of riding the wind on the way up began to weigh on us newbies. When we got to 3000 feet the first man was instructed to sit in the door. He sat there squished against the door while the instructor attached his static line to the metal loop soldered to the floor. She was yelling cause it was so loud,”Are you ready?” She opened the door which opened upwards. The man looked out the door and started profusely swearing! They got in a terrible swearing match and finally as she screamed sit in the door he did, GET OUT ON THE STRUT!!!! He did. GO!!!! He waited a while while cursing her to death, but then he jumped and we could hear him for just a fleeting moment while he fell away screaming. She promptly shut the door.


The next guy sat by the door silent. She opened the door and in a moment he started crying hysterically. That is when I cocked my head to the the right to look out the pilots window and obeyed my brother. He was so desperate the poor guy, the pilot had to go around twice. You see if he didn’t jump when instructed he would end up God knows where and not on the airport. He begged to not have to jump. She was amazing, I thought, as she told him the plane would crash from the weight of him on the plane if they tried to land with him in it (good one!). He eventually followed her commands and got in the door, out on the strut and jumped. She shut the door. All I could think was, what the hell scared these guys when they looked out the door?

“Okay Sarah, get over here.” I remember how weird it was to crawl on the floor while the little plane was jumping up and down with the wind. She said,”You aren’t going to give me the same trouble as those guys are you?” I shook my head no with a dead stare. She hooked my line up, and leaned to the door opening it up, and there it was, the scene that sent 2 grown men to lunacy before me. I could hear Jeremy say, make me proud. I looked down and the houses were the size of the microchip on your credit card now. She said; “Sit in the door!.” I stared at her until her eyes got big and her mouth curled a she repeated herself. I sat in the door. She yelled,”Get Out On The Strut!”and there I stood, my foot on the wheel- which was locked thankfully! I was holding onto the strut with my left foot on the wheel and my right leg dangling in the wind. It was exhilarating!! I was captivated with a delicious feeling of both excitement and terror! I looked back at her smiling face and she yelled, “just hang on for a minute!” as they positioned the plane in place. “Ready?!!!”she yelled. “Okay”! I yelled back. “GO!!!!!!” I hesitated! “GO SARAH, JUMP NOW!!!” I let go, arched my back, and thought arch, look (at the handle to the cord) reach (for it) and pull- the static line had done it already as suddenly I felt the exhilaration of flying and then the lift of the shoot opening up above me. I checked for a slow or fast moving malfunction and saw no problem. I was floating, flying through the air screaming with delight- YEEHAW!!! Then it was time to focus on where the big red circle on the ground was. I grabbed my toggles and played with running with the wind, going against the wind and crabbing through the wind trying to gage how to get on the spot.

And then I just looked around at the amazing view, mostly farmland. It seemed way too quick when I realized the tops of the buildings were getting larger fast and I had to focus. The ground seemed to be flying towards me and getting larger and larger and when I hit the ground, dropped and rolled I was a mere 10 feet from the spot.

I can tell you that was my best landing all summer, it wasn’t all that lucky or skilled as later I learned to jump without a static line, nearly landed in a pig sty- but managed to lift my feet above the fence and instead land in the cow pasture. But that was later, as I was going higher and being challenged so I could become better. But for this moment, my first jump, I felt that the world had shifted and would never again be the same. I had flown, I had systematically followed a path to changing my life forever. When I say this, what I mean to say is, I came to believe and think that anything is possible when you stretch your comfort zone. And there is a fantastic world out there to be discovered just waiting for me or anyone to discover.

And that is my whole point of telling you this story. I learned that the most important thing to do is to step outside of your comfort zone whenever you can so that you can have new experiences that will change your life forever.

Our brains want to stick to routine to feel safe and secure. But what happens when a storm comes and wipes away your house and neighborhood? What happens when you lose a job, a child, a lover and best friend? What happens when you hold too tightly to what you understand? Then when you don’t understand something does it cause you fear? The lesson of this memory of mine not only reminds me, but I hope it inspires you to be okay with incredibly radical change. You have the capacity to accept the challenge of change and be so much better for it.



Loving Life. Never give into fear!!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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How I got motivated to start again!

Sarah Hale Folger Art

Free At Last

You can only go so long in life before your procrastination pisses you off so much you can’t stand it for another moment. Last night I learned something about myself I never knew. It confirmed everything I did know about myself, but gave me permission to accept, then reject the notion. You see, I know I am a high achiever and have done some really great things in my life. I also know that if something isn’t me I won’t do it. But what happens when it IS you, the thing you desire to do, and so you go ahead and neglect it so much you starve it to near death? Do you know what I am talking about?

Well we all make excuses like we don’t have the time to do what we long to do. In all fairness, we are all busy trying to make ends meet and keeping up with relationships and all the other responsibilities in life, that it makes sense we reject the things we really long to do, because it is a luxury to do what we love. WELL BAHHHH! What are we doing to ourselves?

Many years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD, along with that disorder comes panic and a lot of other feelings to fight off. Yep, there you have it. Life was hard for a very long time, and so I got used to just pushing myself onward and basically fought hard to not be a victim, but a warrior. It made my personality bend in a tough way, warriors fight their way out of dark times. I was really hurting, and yet did all I could to make life better for other people, which made me feel better. The more I helped people, the better I felt inside, and so I kept pouring myself out. The problem was, even though I managed to do many things I loved, such as sing in bands, create my own handmade jewelry business, run a community theater group, work two great jobs in the art world, one for 7 years part time, and the other almost 6 years, I still hadn’t even come close to using even half my hearts passion for my own life.

Then yesterday a friend and neighbor and I had a brief conversation in which he told me about an old lover in his life. He told me how beautiful and talented she was, but that every time she got close to making it she would drop what she was doing and run. She could never take the final step that would teeter her over into real success with her art. As soon as he shared her story with me, and told me why she did it, I knew it was just like me.

In that moment my eyes were wide open, my heart wider still, and I realized that now that I could put my finger on it, I would never allow it to define me again. I know what doctors can say about a person. We only go to them when we are sick and at our wits end, they see us there, and diagnose us. Sometimes that diagnosis becomes a life sentence. Well I’m a big believer in healing, and healing means you are over being sick, and with hard work you can get there. I’ve done the hard work to heal. Now it’s just about dropping the bad habits. Should the shadow of my past ever pass over me again, which I am sure it will, I will know it is just passing over and not here to stay.

So you know what? I am going to make the time to draw and paint, write music, sing again, even if just in my apartment. I’m going to let it flow.

Yesterday I put this picture out on Facebook that I did in 1982, and I got 2 job offers for commission work from it. Then later I had that conversation with my neighbor.


Here’s a couple of more old works of art.

This one I never finished, but it poured out of me around 5 or 6 years ago on an artists retreat in Florida. I was really worried about one of my daughters, and my heart was broken. I imaged her as a little baby in my arms, me shielding her from all the pain and hurt in the world. She was all grown up and out of my hands. While I was furiously painting I saw an angel in the paint and tried to bring it out. This process moved so fast and yet keep changing and took hours of over painting until all my anxiety wore me out and I just stopped. I intended to finish the painting so you could actually see what was in my minds eye, but never did. It hangs on my wall to remind me of how precious our children are and how powerful that process was for me. I remember I wanted to burst into tears when I got to this point and put my brush down and went for a long walk. On my way back to the studio I saw another building open on the campus with a piano in it and no one was in there, so I went in and played it for at least an hour with my George Winston type music I make up. I went back to finish the painting, but it was gone from my soul and I moved onto another painting.

"The one who watches over the one watching over" Sarah Hale Folger Art

“The one who watches over the one watching over”


This one was done right after the album came out I guess in 1982. It seems for a while, after losing all my art in a fire, I did try to re-group, although the pain of losing everything I had in that fire made it painful to do art. I still went to college for it and then music took over, life took over, and I started my family very young.

The Police/Sting/ Sarah Hale Folger Art

The Police/ Sting

This one is HUGE!!! I woke up last year on New Years Day having made it through a very difficult couple of years and was determined to change my life for the better. I woke up, took a selfie, threw charcoal on the canvas, nailed it to the wall held up my cell phone and went to town. 8 hours later I had this, not perfect, always wanted to fix the problems but decided not too. It was so much fun I thought I was on a roll to paint. I did a couple of more, included Einstein, which is in an earlier blog, but then my anxiety got the best of me. I started over- thinking and sabotaged myself. Well, today is a new day!

Selfie/ Sarah Hale Folger Art

“Selfie” New Years Day, 2017

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The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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Thank you and goodbye 2017! My face is turned to you 2018, lets go everyone!

Thank you & Goodbye 2017

I started this blog last February by some compelling force inside of me saying it’s time. It’s time to speak, it’s time to communicate, it’s time to take the next step. It was not easy as in reality I am a very private person. But my skill set has always been in public arenas whether singing in bands, writing and directing theater, running a non-profit, public speaking and sitting on Boards. And as much as I wanted to go through life without controversy and in peace which I hoped to achieve by staying out of public view, my soul could not rest in what was for me complacency.

So after facing the hardest 2 years of my life in 2015-2016, I was determined to make a shift in 2017 which I promptly did on January 1st. I woke up and painted a giant painting for 8 hours straight, and I felt the fire burning in my belly for creativity to flow once again. But I was out on my own with no set plan. I went deep into introspection and challenged myself in areas never before challenged, I faced one fear after another until I learned the lessons that they could teach me. I changed my thinking so much that freedom was blossoming all around me and drawing me into it.

Introspection is a time period in your life that comes at pivotal moments when you have come to an impasse and don’t know which way to go. It’s at these times you must challenge what you believe and seek a higher knowledge. It is a time when you let go of the things that have been holding you back. You know them through pain. They are the thoughts that keep you up all night sweating, They are the mistakes you mourn then let go of through self forgiveness. They are the judgements you question that you’ve held onto for so long. They are the fears you face that once crippled you, you face them head on and you won’t take loss as an option.

This is what I dd all through 2017. Simultaneously, I embarked on a new career following my passion and intuition, not knowing where it would lead, but these are the things that help you learn to trust your gut, and teach you about how others really think and operate. You learn who to align with and who to move on from. It’s your life, you must be the one who decides the path you will take.

And what a ride, what a fun, challenging exciting ride it has been, and all it took was a decision. I cognitively made the choices to bring me where I am. I am blessed to have a strong support system and that makes all the difference.

And so for all this, I am empowered to move on to the next step. I believe we should always be climbing upwards, gaining a higher perceptive. So I say this messy life as a human, which none of us are exempt from; is beautiful, not perfect,

So as 2018 arrives at midnight my souls cry is that we all grasp the truth that the best can always be next and should be. This is the one life we have to give and change the world around us for the better. My aim for 2018 is to embrace even more challenges and grow even faster than I did in 2017. I will  learn new skills, perfect others, inspire people along the way and reach for the heart and soul of humanity hoping that the best is yet to come for us all, for all those who choose to do the hard work it takes to break free from the things that are holding them back.

Folks if we all believed in our individual talents and skills enough to want to make them the best they can be, then we all must make a pact to challenge ourselves without excuses to get to the next level. The people in your lives are counting on you to become all you can be and so am I!!!

Please feel free to share with me your dreams, hopes and aspirations for 2018. It’s always good to find community that supports you in this way. And I would love your feedback and questions about things that challenge you, perhaps I may have a word or two for you!

So Happy New Year all around the world to my viewers! Thank you for staying with me and I hope to inspire you even more in the new year and to be inspired by you!!!!!!!

Looking forward to 2018

Hello to 2018

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!

Sometimes I do vocal session work- here’s an example.

I came across a very old song I sang background vocals on after 911 took place. At the time I was singing in a band and also I did recordings for others on their CD’s. I loved the challenge of singing in different genres. John Crafton, from Soft Wind Productions invited me to sing on this song. John is a folk musician and has owned and operated recording studios across the nation and is currently located in Tennessee after moving back from California.

I started off as a rock singer in the early 80’s and then over the years sang gospel, rock, jazz, and we just created our own sound. I still love doing session work on other peoples projects and someday I’ll jump in with another cool band I hope! In the meantime, here is John’s song, and my version of folk singing. I come in about half way through the song. I hope you enjoy!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!

Cherish Your Dreams!

via Daily Prompt: Cherish

There comes a certain age when it is easy to let go of your dreams and to just accept what your life has become by force- the force of nature, the force of time and circumstances. When did it all get washed away? When did you change your mind?  Was there a burial after the death of your ambition? No, most likely it was much less dramatic than that, quietly, toxically, time ticked away, and for many a practical reason you let go of every tethered cord that held on to hope.  After all, isn’t it just childhood fantasy to think you could live in such a way that inspires yourself to grasp ahold and fight for the dream?

One day will come, perhaps for you it is today, and that day will open a door.  It is a day when you stop for an extra moment to break the rhythm, the cycle you have become accustomed to.  It is a day when you access yourself.  You will walk to a window, or step outside and look up and stare at the sky above and you will breathe an extra moment between obligations and commitments to ask yourself one question. It will not be a question that has words but rather feelings. And when you do, only you can answer the question your soul asks.  Is this me?  This life I live, is it authentically me? Am I happy?  Have I gotten lost along the way and is there a way to weave my hearts desire into this matrix I have become a part of? Have I changed and evolved, is it okay where I have landed? And if that answer is no, I have become someone I do not know, I am not happy and I am lost, if this is you, then I ask that you be willing to do one thing for the sake of all your hold dear.

Fix in your mind the essence of what you cherish.  Is it a goal, a place, a lifestyle?  Instead of running from the pain of not having achieved it, just let an image develop in your minds eye.  Cherish the essence of what you were born to be.  It may take on another form at this point than it did as a child, but if you cherish the thought of it as you would the company of a dear friend, then you will never be lonely.  Your cherished desire will be fed and you have no idea the potential of what form it will take as you feed it.  They say if you want to kill something starve it, and if you want to grow something, then feed it.

Feed your head positive imaginations of music, dance, art, literature, relationships, moments, inventions, homes, travel, sights, sounds, feelings of joy, peace, love and kindness, powerful thoughts, rescuing others, finding home, whatever it is, feed your head only the good stuff.  When you lay down to sleep cherish these thoughts and put away the thoughts of regret, sadness, anxiety, pain, suffering, hatred, jealously, addiction, powerlessness, frustration, fear, anger, betrayal, and so forth.  You are what you eat, this goes especially for your thoughts.  Don’t worry about how others try to define you with their thoughts of you, what do they know?  To be busy about nurturing your own cherished hopes is the path to freedom.  And once you willfully take the first step keep going, pick up the pace, get endurance and run, don’t look back just run to the beauty that lies before your beautiful soul.  Choose to cherish your souls desire and wake up the whole world along the way!!!

Go for it and don’t look back!!!

Sarah Hale Folger. Never too late

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

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My Grateful Heart!

It is with a grateful heart that I write this blog.  Last year at this time I was just finishing up 30 rounds of radiation for skin cancer and I was weak and weary.  For two years I was undergoing transformation after transformation and it was a lot of pain.  Leaving a job I had loved, getting a divorce and quite frankly the shifts in my thinking and lifestyle were so rapid I was reeling emotionally. But step by step I followed my instincts and faced many fears and I came out stronger and happier on the other side.

At this time last year, I knew that a new life was coming. I knew I would have to conquer a whole new learning curve in order to bring myself to the next level in my life and I was both excited and scared.  I started this blog last February, and have never looked back.  I also started a marketing business and joined a partner in another marketing business and it has been a fabulous time learning, meeting new people and taking a leap of faith.  It is paying off, I have many wonderful clients and many new collaborators in business who I am thrilled to be aligned with.

This coming year brings with it the hope of even more goals being accomplished.  I have an exciting line up working with a few new companies starting in January and also being able to continue with the ones I already have.  I am super thankful for Vic Pichette, my partner in Video Marketing Strategies, for all the work we do together each and every day!  VMS Website.

Please check out my revised website here: SHF Website I am going to be adding more of my clients work on the site in the new year. If you are in need of your businesses story or your story being told, please contact me and let’s start the conversation!

My hope for you is that you never, ever give up!  If you are in a dark time and things are really hard, and you can’t see a way out, keep moving forward, one step at a time.  Find people who believe in you, and most of all believe in the power of YOU as a personal creator of your own future.  Imagine, dream, work hard. play hard and laugh often.  Stay positive, even when you’re hurting, and soon you will be on the other side of things. Life’s all about cycles, seasons and times.

May this season bring you hope! All The best to you! Sarah

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!



Please Give Blood! — The Death Project

I follow this blog from time to time and want to encourage anyone who is capable to give blood to do so.  We often take so much for granted. For all those in need or crisis, I truly hope you find peace and hope and what you need to make it through each day!  blood drop - Please Give Blood! — The Death Project

Last year I received several blood transfusions and put out a call for friends and family to donate blood, especially as I no longer can. (Also to please sign their organ donor cards! I have a friend waiting for a healthy kidney.) Our blood supply in Quebec is all from unpaid donors, which is impressive […]

via Please Give Blood! — The Death Project

My Guest writer, Katrina my daughter, on turning 30!



Katrina wedding gown

I just want to preface this guest blog written by Katrina who is my middle daughter, by saying a few words about her. She is a super amazing human being.  This picture of her taken by John Pitocco Photography is from several years ago in her wedding gown.  I couldn’t resist putting it in here since I love it so much!

Katrina has done so many things in her life that blow me away, but none are more blow away than just being who she is, compassionate, beautiful inside and out, brave, an overcomer, super intelligent and loving to name a few.

She is a daughter, sister, wife, mother of two, NICU nurse at Women’s and Infants working with those precious premie babies.  She is an amazing dancer who still squeezes in teaching Zumba when she can and I cannot be more proud of the woman she has become.  Below, in her own words, she expresses her thoughts on turning 30 which I loved so much I asked her if I could share them. Enjoy!


What does 30 mean to me…

I am so happy and grateful for my life over the past 30 years. I have achieved some goals and set others. I have failed and I have succeeded. I have appreciated time spent with friends and family and given my all to my own family. I have built new friendships and preserved old ones. I have tried my best to live in the moment and fully enjoy it. I find I am completely satisfied in the “little” things like waking up to two smiling children or driving the extra mile for a perfectly brewed cup of coffee. I am and always will be passionate about exercise and will strive to push myself to new limits. I still believe the best version of me is yet to come and so I will work on it daily- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have made many mistakes but I have learned so much in doing so. I will always try my best to be honest, sincere, loving, and kind to others.

In 30 years I have realized how incredibly grateful I am to my parents who gave me everything they could and fostered a beautiful bond between me and my sisters. Having those two incredible women in my life keeps me grounded and keeps me feeling that I can touch the sky all at the same time. I have a soft place to land- whether I’m losing or winning. Now that I am a parent, I realize it is no easy task to raise children. Thank you Mom and Dad for your patience, guidance, teaching, and above all unconditional love.


And then I met my best friend, my teammate, my partner in crime, my soul mate. Our friendship laid the solid foundation for what became the love of my life. That love formed two beautiful children that gave me the gift of motherhood. I have experienced two miracles giving birth to my beautiful daughter and son. Having children with my husband has been my greatest accomplishment.


I will continue to strive to live a balanced life. I will always keep my family first and will show love to my neighbor. I will treat my body as a temple so that I am able to give to others. I will do my best to stay positive through hardships and times of sadness. I will try to teach with patience and to never stop learning. I will be thankful for each day I am given as it is a gift.

Thank you to everyone who has made this day special and has been a part of my life. I’m ready for this new decade of life!- Katrina

 Thank you Katrina for letting me share you with the world!  Love you to the moon and back, and back handsprings down the street!!!! Mom

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!

To see like a child….

Sarah Hale Folger.IzzyA

Tis true, we come into this world naked and screaming, the shock of leaving a warm and rhythmic womb and suddenly being squeezed through a porthole into this world we call our reality, must have been shocking to say the very least.  What secrets had we beheld prior to entering this life, we simply cannot remember.

The first several years of our life we absorb the world around us in such a way that our memories are rare and those we have may be twisted.  You see, as I am sure you know, we simply live as though we are in a hypnotic trance and we are as the saying goes, like wet cement. Babies are totally dependent on the care of those around them and also are being imprinted by the same.  This is why it is so vital that as parents we show unconditional love and yet we teach boundaries and respect, but most of all love and affirmation.

Children are on a constant learning curve, hardly ever taking a break from brain development.  Think about it, every new sound, taste, smell and experience is a first and in the course of any given day there could be multitudes of these newly stimulating experiences. Blessed is the child whose caretakers have intuition and wisdom and an abundance of love.

The one thing I feel we all miss as we grow older is the beauty of seeing the world through the innocent eyes of a child.  The uncynical, unpolluted beauty, the sense of wonder and of awe.  It’s as if we spend our whole life trying to get back to that place of freedom of thought, and total faith in believing in the impossible.

So as this Christmas approaches, and with it the illusions of Santa, reindeer’s and the North Pole, I hope we can take this time to see through the innocent eyes of the children around us.  Even though in reality we are lying to our children and grandchildren, something I could never do, I now understand the value of a healthy fantasy.  When you think about it, the total excitement in the minds of kids who believe in Santa, leads them to be nice and not naughty, and to be good and hope for rewards. The feverish excitement they carry in them actually translates to us as a positive motivator to keep the sweet dream alive so we can remember, just get a glimpse into the utter sheer joy of totally believing in a jolly fellow who grants wishes.

I know there are plenty of unhappy stories, the sadness that occurs when the child learns Santa is not real, and unhappy homes where the joy is missing for those who’ve lost the ability to have any faith at all to pass down to their children.  There are plenty who do not celebrate the commercial side of Christmas, are not Christian and therefore also do not celebrate the birth of the Christ who is the basis of Christianity.  But I am not addressing any of those scenarios but simply want to focus on the positive ones, those who receive extra joy this time of year because the fantasy, the story, and the spirit of Christmas is built up and celebrated.  You see I had lost all that joy for a long time and I know what it is to be more sad than usual this time of year.

This is why I am focused on one thing in this blog today.  I am focused on the hope and expectation of the great and beautiful possibilities of fantasies coming true, of believing like a child, and feeling the rush of that kind of joy and happiness.  We can do it, even amidst loss and even if we lost our hope and trust before.  It’s a new day, its another opportunity to chose to see the world through innocent eyes.  Has your vision been blurred or have you been blinded by pain and circumstances?   If so, I sincerely hope that you give yourself the greatest gift of all as the holidays approach and shift your focus from your losses to the possibilities of a new type of future, one full of hope and wonder.  It’s more than possible to retrain your brain to stop the old thought patterns of cynicism and negativity and fear.  As much as the past may have hurt you, the future is yet unwritten and YOU are the author!

If you need inspiration, talk to children and hear how they believe anything is possible. Let them inspire you, they may be on to something you’ve long forgotten.  When you want to be happy, give happiness to others.  When you want to dream and achieve, support others who dream and are working hard to achieve their goal. If you’ve drunk from the bitter cup, detox yourself with forgiveness. When toxic people rob your minds, leave them behind and let go.  If you hate your job, get a new one,  Whatever steps you have to take to become as innocent as a child, which is the path to hope and joy, well take the first step today.  Each step you take will challenge your old thinking and it will put up a fight.  But you know better now I hope, life was never intended to be dark and gloomy.

My hope is that this is the year for you.  It’s your life, don’t waste another minute waiting for someone else to stop being who they are and change so you can be happy.  You change, you find your dreams and go after them, there are plenty of positive people to encourage you to GO FOR IT!

The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Educator, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!


How to Unblock Your Creativity!


Recently I had the great privilege of being a guest lecturer in a philosophy class at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. My good friend Dr. Jean Dimock, the professor who teaches this class, asked if I would be a guest lecturer and speak about how art plays a roll in the world as it is perceived philosophically.  It has been a while since I taught or did any public speaking and I was happy to use my chops again.

In one way or another I have been in the creative and performing arts my whole life.  One thing rings true to me no matter what type of art is being practiced, there are common threads to them all.  The process of creative thinking is actually a deeper sense of intuition and knowing.  The practice of any art form, from painting to theater to music, culinary arts and so on, actually is already within us by just being human.

Some people may feel this is actually not true, that they do not have a creative bone in their body, but I heartily disagree. We all develop those parts of ourselves that are necesary at the time we begin to develop them and we train our brains to be either pragmatic or imaginative.  I know this sounds too limited a scope, but trust me, every job or lifestyle fits into one or the other category.

Pragmatists are actually people who see the world in a very black and white format.  They love data, facts, proven records, the “it is what it is” mentality. The reality is that any one person can be both pragmatic and imaginative, just not at the same time.

But I digress, as I often do.  What is the bottom line of how to unlock the key to your creative flow?  It’s really simple to diagnose,  but the problem is that getting rid of the blockage that stops the creative flow takes acknowledgement that the problem is in your head. It takes practice to get it out of your head, and a leap of faith to start the process rolling. The simple truth is, the one reason that is responsible for this blockage is fear. That’s right, you got it.  Fear you won’t be as good as someone else, fear you started too late, fear you won’t be able to.  Where does this fear come from?  Well, as much as a bad teacher or unsupportive parent, a sarcastic sibling or some other nemesis may have planted a seed that grew roots that invaded your mind may be responsible, here is the kicker, that was in the past, or may be your present that you need to override.  But you live in the now, so you need to tap into your current desire to create something and dive right into that notion.

Stop blaming someone else, it’s all on you!  Do you want to get unblocked?  Then face your fears, go after your goals and just get started.  Get that inertia going in the right direction!

Below is a 15 minute painting.  I asked the students to come up and start painting even if they never had before.  I asked them to face the fear of what others might think and although it took a few seconds to get a brave first student to come up and make her mark, eventually most, if not all of them were in line taking a stab at it.

I talked them through the thoughts I knew could be rolling through their heads.  You’re afraid to mess up someone elses mark? I encouraged them to be bold.  Some were slow others fast, others came back a few times. Things were really speeding up until the time was up and I had the feeling many of them wanted to keep going.

That was my goal, to get them to start something creative, joining with others and dealing with their heads and it was super fun.  The canvas was 2′ x 4′. Enjoy the work of their hands!!!


The Sarah Hale Folger Project seeks to inspire greatness in humanity by sharing inspiring stories with the world. Please contact me here on my blog or through my website at

Sarah Hale Folger is a Creative Consultant, Blogger, Artist & Singer. PLEASE make sure to subscribe to my blog today so you never miss the next thing happening in the world the way I see it! Please feel free to comment, share and subscribe to my blog!!! Thanks!!


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