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I was sitting right there as she hurried by

She was looking for her mother

A grown woman now

With a worried look on her face

She had the weight of the world upon her shoulders

She wanted to show her mother

All the things that she had done

But most of all she wanted time

“Look Mom” she wanted to say

“Have I done well?

I want you to see me

Do you see me?”

I shot up with a start

“Here I am, you just walked right by me.

Of course I can see you!!

Can you see me? I want you to see me!!”

But as she scanned the people nearby

She didn’t seem to recognize me

Then her eyes settled on me.

Yes, I said, I am right here! It’s me, Mom!”

For a full minute we just stared at each other

“No, you aren’t my mother.. you look like her

It’s kind of weird, in fact it’s downright disturbing

I’m looking for my mom and you aren’t her!”

“I am your mother!” I said

But these words only pierced her heart

Frustrated we parted ways

As she walked away I noticed

That parts of me were breaking off

And falling all around me

Like glass my chest shattered

And I fell into a deep trance

I was taken back to a time

When my mother was always looking for hers

I would sometimes say to her

“Mom, I’m your daughter, I’m right here.

Can we focus on me?”

Most times she couldn’t see me

In fact, I felt invisible

She was lost

Even though she’d been found

Alway’s looking for her mother

Who left her when she was a wee child

She did not have the words I needed

Her mind was otherwise engaged

The mind chatter deafening her to my calls

All my feeble attempts failed

But there were true moments of bliss

Like after I gave birth for the first time

She came to see me

When she walked into the bedroom

I thought she would scoop up my baby

But to my absolute delight

She came to me first

As I lay there sweating and exhausted

She kissed me on my forehead

She looked into my eyes

She was smiling

It was probably the most powerful moment of my life

It is a labyrinth, this life

Filled with pain and pleasure

Sorrow and joy

Captivity and freedom

But this must be pursued

One must truly desire love

In all it’s meanings

One must always chase it

It’s in nature, it’s in a word

Or a deed, an act of kindness

In a look..

But we get lost oftentimes

It’s a learned behavior…

So when you’re lost

Remember you can be found

Walk through the portal

There is light at the end of the tunnel

My hand is reaching out to you

To pull you up out of your despair

You are weary from the battle

It’s time to come home

Let’s not end up like some

Who wait a lifetime

I have carved a shortcut for you

I have swallowed the pain

I have digested it

I have been poisoned by it

But I lived through it

And now I can see

It is not about me

And it’s all about me

Every lesson from every mother

Handed down in DNA

Passed on prejudices and fears

Hopes and dashed hopes

Dreams and magic..

Remember my love

We are not like everyone else

We are super heroes

With super powers

But coming from the island

Of misfit toys

We are broken and chipped

And weird and different

But blessed with hearts and minds

To change the world

So when you come back to me I will show you

I was lost, but now I am found

I was blind, but now I see

Only in part, we none of us can fully

Until we come face to face

With the glorious creator of us all

When the fear and confusion dissipate

Now I know how the creator feels

Arms stretched out

Just waiting to be seen

Waiting for us to see

“Look at what I’ve done!

I’ve done all this for you!

Because I was lonely so I built a world

And more worlds

And everything in them

And I saved the best for last

I made you!!!

And it has been my great joy

And my hugest sorrow.

I am crippled by the want of your love

That you should see me, and know me

Come to me

You who are heavy burdened

And I will give you rest

Rest from your worries and troubles

I will pour into you so much love

That you will not be able to contain it

But I will wait..

There is a veil between us

Shifting shadows are what you see

Go dip in the muddy river

It’s time to open your eyes

This world offers much anxiety

Which causes the mind to dig holes

Black holes, we can fall into

Must be careful to grow lots of tendrils

Toward light and love

Healing comes when the search is over

Rest now, I AM here

Listen to the song in your heart

Make space to hear it

It’s a song of hope and peace

I wrote a verse in that song

Just for you


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