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My eyes fly open

I hear thunder rumbling

The curtains are blowing wildly in

I slip out the back door and I see

People are running

Some are bent over gasping

Tearful eyes meet mine and abruptly turn away

My heart feels strange

My mind opens wide

It’s too much

An energy source that is made of fear

I close my eyes and lift my hands to the sky

Words slip from my mumbling mouth

They flow so fast and come from the deep

My soul knows the way my mind can’t see

I set me feet to walking

I must seek refuge with the ancient trees

They are strong and their roots grow deep

They interconnect as they speak to eachother

It is here that I quiet my mind

In the presence of such greatness

Here is where the universe resides

We humans always mess it up

We fight, we train our minds for division

These trees support eachother

Through all the storms they stand tall

I rest under the boughs of a magificent Bowthorpe oak 

I will stay here for a while

There are lessons to be learned

I stare at the fires in the distant

I can feel my chest pounding

So I slow myself down

This anxiety will submit to my will

I will release it and be made strong

How did this all begin

It began with mans desire for power

It was fueled by propaganda

Without knowing the source of truth

Many claimed they were connected to the source

None of them agreed

So we were left to be tossed to and fro

Confusion leading to addiction and fear

Fighting and separation of loved ones and friends

I watched as this was coming

If you want to bring a nation down

You divide and conquer

Break the bonds that were once strong

Separate close families

Isolate and infuse with daily does of fear

Predictions of gloom and doom

We’ve lost ourselves

Our confidence has slipped

People freely spew their rage on social sites

Water seeking it’s own level

Why is noone questioning their own thoughts

Comply, agree or you are my enemy

Doesn’t seem like freedom

Seems like minds are poisoned

Since when did we hate our freinds for not agreeing

Since when did we cut ourselves off from family

Choosing sides, what sides

We are not like these trees

They interconnect their roots for life

They feed eachother

When a storm comes and a branch falls

Other trees nurture the wounded one

They represent unity

Not like us

We fight and disagree and throw poisonous darts

My mind is weary from the words and deeds

Evil has truly gripped mankind

But I know there is more good than evil

So I close my eyes and cleanse my mind

Every hurtful thing in me I let go of

Breathing slowing, stilling my mind

I bring every thought to the front

And I check them for darkness

I will expose my own thoughts to the light

For everyone who has hurt me

I forgive, I let the memory of it evaporate

I rise my mind higher as I cut off the pain

The offenses of others will not tether me to the ground

I was meant for something higher

As the wind circles around me it grows in intensity

I grip the roots of the tree and open my eyes to see

The trees are dancing wildly in the wind

I see an opening in a tree

It is a door I enter and find shelter

It is here I can feel the power of this tree

Power to stand against the storm

I lean my body against the trunk and feel it

I watch mankind rush through my mind

The haters, the abusers, the jealous

They are drinking from the cup that promises power

Souls are emptying into the void

They are filling with the thoughts that will own them

They are losing their souls and stealing the lives of the innocent

The illusion of separation is melting in me

I am coming home, breathing in the true power

I will believe now that their is hope yet

Even though I see fear has us in it’s grip

I believe in hope not naivity

So pour into me oh God of the universe

Maker of mankind and all that is

You are who I seek

The true power comes from you

It has love and peace as it’s source

I bring all that I know before this infinite source

For me and my household

I will guard in this secret place

Rain down on me oh Sacred Source

I give my mind to you and my heart

Speak to me and set me free

Separate me and bring me others

Others who seek this true power of love

Let truth be felt and not spoken

Let it guide me daily

Moment by moment

I’ve come so far, I know where to run

I am gifted with sight

My eyes only want to see you

Guide me out of this storm

Nurture and protect me

So that I may be the source for those I love

For all that you draw to yourself

Infinite promises you have made known

Speak to me all day long

Speak to me when I sleep

Let my brokeness allow me to hear you

And lead us all out of fear and into peace

Let your protection reign over us

My eyes will look for you in everything

I give myself entirely to you

Bring true power

To heal, to mend, to begin again

Come quickly, so much damage is being done

Only you can save us now

And you will

You will protect our minds and hearts

For all those who want peace

Run to the trees

Learn the lessons they teach

We are not alone, we have teachers all around us

I breath in the presence of the source of LOVE

I will not succomb to this evil and fear

I am cleansed now from all the pain

I am open to be guided by an unseen force

My cup is filling with peace and love

I thank the trees as I crawl out and stand up

I will walk back into this world

Not alone, never alone

I will reign over fear

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