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So often we only glimpse at our dreams

Like a vapor they dissipate

Giving way to the mundane tasks

And even things we love

Like chasing after a rabbit in the woods

We trip on fallen logs and roots hidden under leaves

Our hearts race after the prize

But a bell is ringing

It’s time to go home

A place where others thoughts are expressed

Our thoughts are mingled and often lost

While we entertain the thoughts of those around us

Sometimes they inspire us to go deeper or wider

Expanding our perspective

Other times we lose our trail

It is with a persistency we must stay focused

For a time and for a season

In order to accomplish our greatest soulwork

Our creations that come from our depths

So burn the midnight oil

Or wake up before dawn when no others will distract you

And wake up your soul

The work has yet to be done that you wish to leave behind


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