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“Mine Eyes Have Seen” by Sarah Hale Folger

Waking up in a sweat

Her heart racing, the pulsing of blood running though her veins

She hears a train in her head

Taking in her surroundings she assesses

She is in a safe place, no reason to fear

Barefoot she walks to the window and climbs out on the ledge

Breathing deeply she watches the birds busy at work

The sun is rising and she drinks in the colors

The power of the early morning in nature

It is her medicine, only nature truly heals

So many years have passed since she lived in horror

Surviving and hiding and keeping secrets

She ought not to have done so, but she was just a kid

She wonders what it would have been like to always feel safe

Without a care in the world to go after ones dreams

Backed by family, friends and trustworthy people

How many years has she spent trying to forget

Hiding the pain and the shame and the guilt

Others had had their way, but not entirely

She became a warrior at such a tender age

A fighter, one who sees in the darkness

As though it were light outside

Just as the owl does

Silent in flight

Seeing the vermin crawling on the ground

A parallel universe existing in real time

Unable to focus, she used to detach and float away

Her imagination so vivid and real

Creating a place to run and hide within her mind

Sometimes up a tree

She learned she could escape from her anxiety

By creating her art and teaching others how

Who could she trust

Why couldn’t she speak about these things

The power was not within her at the time

She longed to feel loved and safe so much

It sometimes felt as though she was having a heart attack

Her mind was trapped in a prison

Until one day, many moons later

She came upon a child in the woods

The child was crumpled by a tree, sobbing and consumed

She leaned down beside her and gently spoke

“Little girl, why are you crying?”

And when the child slowly turned her tear stained face to look

Their eyes met and they both inhaled in wonder

Time stood still as the universe swirled around them

Embracing them in a warm breeze

And the scent of spring flowers

The woman reached out her hand and the girl reached back

Standing face to face the woman through tears of her own

Smiling wide she told the girl

“I have found you, you are no longer lost.

I will never let go of you again.

I will protect you, and teach you, and keep you safe.”

Together they walked hand in hand smiling

Their hearts felt light and clean

Their minds rapidly untangling

The woman hugged the child and she melted into her

Because she was her

The woman was healing her inner child

The age of pain and suffering was passing

Ushering into real time was peace and power

And a voice inside her head told her

“I will rise you up above the ashes of your pain.

You have grown wise, your will to survive

will now turn to thriving.”

For all of those who have felt the pain

Who have faced evil and prevailed

May the light of love and God shine in your hearts

There is a river whose maker is God

Go there and bath in the healing waters

For their is much evil in this world

It exists in the minds and hearts of men

Who have lost their souls

For the want of lust and power

They seek the innocent to steal its very essence

They may have stolen yours too

But you can find it in the river of life

Wash away the filth and come out clean

You are worthy to receive the gift of love

Of peace and of power over your own destiny

This life is yours

Let go of it all and reach for what you want

Let it be with a pure heart that you seek it

Not from anger and pain

You will get what you give

Don’t accept any offerings that pollute your peace

Instead, create your own path

And make it beautiful and powerful

You will inspire hope and joy

Healing, and peace if you can do this

And you can…

“I think I can,

I think I can,

I think I can…

I knew I could,

I knew I could,

I knew I could.”

I know YOU CAN


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