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They are like a stream that flows

One plus one equals two

Words add up when they are so many

Without thought we plunge into them

Struck by a feeling

We must respond

But instead we so often react

No thought before the river flows

Words build and tear down

They change the landscape

Relationships built and destroyed by them

Calculated and spontaneous

Struck by a feeling

Caused by a word or deed

Deeds are fruits of the mind

They can occur without spoken words

Sometimes they build

Sometimes they tear down

Sticks and stones

May break my bones

But words & deeds

May kill my soul

Or save my life

There is a discovery that must be sought

To realize a truth

It is my truth, it is yours

Wake up, Get up

Follow me as I turn and walk

Out the door, through the woods

On a path, steadily forging forward

Follow me please keep up

Don’t linger, it’s too important

Look up, we are climbing that moutain

Follow me, no more excuses

No more complaining

I don’t want to hear

You’ll wish you never spoke those words

When you see and know

You are tired and weak

It is from your words and deeds

And from others

It is from your thoughts

Still your mind with the rythym

Of your steps

Keep in step with me

You will have the power to keep up

Believe me, you must

I walk and climb

You walk and climb

The energy rises with the climb

Cause now you know

There will be a sight to see

Whats up there

Where am I taking you

Keep climbing, don’t stop to rest

There is no time to rest

Your life depends on this

Seeing what I am about to show you

Anticipation is building in you

Hope is rising in me

You are keeping up

Now it is the climb

It is steep and we are grabbing branches

Pulling ourselves up the steep rocks

Now fingers gripping the stone

You stopped, your chest is heaving

Tears are running down your face

Our eyes meet, I am high above you now

I read your thoughts

You are overwhelmed and you stop

Fear has gripped you

You feel paralyzed

Afraid of falling you lay your body

On the rock

You close your eyes

No words please

Just breath

Slow it down and wait a minute

There is a stirring and a clicking sound

You open your eyes to see a gazelle

Quickly she is coming up the mountain

She jumps and jumps

Up and up till she is by your side

You stare at her and she stares at you

Her nostrils pressing out her breathe

She nudges you and then takes off

You are infused by power

You watch her fly up the moutains rock

Your energy surges and you plunge higher

You grab and pull yourself up

Your breath is labored

I continue higher, you follow

Now I have rounded the top

You have only a few more feet

You stop and wait for the last step

Your eyes are wild with fear

You ask me why I brought you here

What will I see

I reach down, my hand reaches for yours

NO tell me you say, I must know

You will see the truth about all of us

You will find yourself

You will know

What your words have built

You will change

Now take my hand

Our hands grip

I yank you up to your feet

You hug me so tight and close your eyes

We wait until you are ready

Letting go you open your eyes

You see me staring at the view with tears

Sobbing and kneeling

It is too much to bear

So much beauty

So much destruction

You are staring at me

I turn to look at you

Our eyes meet

You are afraid to look

So I close my eyes and turn away

Slowly you turn

We are standing at the top

A 360 view awaits you

At first you can’t see clearly

Your eyes are searching

You are reading the view like a book

The view can be cloudly from up here

But while you wait it will clear

It is God’s way of revealing

Slowly as not to overwhelm

Truth is a powerful thing

So few find it

It is power and life to those who do

You are supposed to be one of those

Who see clearly

I am slowly turning and stopping and kneeling

My tears won’t stop

Because I see much more than you

I climb this moutain

Whenever I forget what I once knew

And when I see again

I am gripped by sorrow

Why did I waste any time

When I know better

Words are pouring out my mouth

They make no sense to you

I am not talking to you

I am no longer aware you are with me

I stand and kneel

I sing out

Sound is pouring out of me that stirs you

Deep inside your mind is breaking

Darkness and clouds are dispersing

A great light is piercing through the cracks

You wince at the sight

It is painful and sharp

My pain eases as I see you kneel

I watch as tears pour down your face

I know you are waking up

You are beginning to see

You walk to the precipices edge

The winds are swirling around you

You look like you are dancing

But you are just letting the spiral

Of wind take you

You laugh and cry

You are still and you slowly turn

It takes all day to see the 360 view

I am completely at peace

Truth hurts, but its better than staying blind

Blind to what we build when we speak

Blind to what breaks when we act

Up here it is so obvious

How we are all connected

We cannot escape what others build

By their words and deeds

And we cannot escape knowing we

Let ourselves fall into the trap

Once you go tit for tat

You’ve lost your stance

The power of sight

Gifted to seekers

To build with our words

Is to be a guide

And we are guides

We must not forget

What we’ve seen here today

It is better to be still with our tongues

It is better to let things pass

When someone tries to grip you in their hell

They let their words flow

They try to rope you in

But now you know

That is only them opening the door

They want you in with them

In their hell, so they won’t be alone

Don’t go there

Offer them a way out

Let your silence and forgiveness come

To them and to you

Words are paint

The next moment is your canvas

Make it a beautiful composition

Because now you know it

We build with our words

Our reality

It’s now a war for the minds

Turn off the noise

Listen with the future in mind

Don’t let anyone else define yours

Be a leader of peace

Strength to stand against the odds

You wouldn’t strap a dead body on your back

And walk around like that

You wouldn’t lay down with that death

Before you speak, think

What am I building

What am I tearing down

How am I connecting

Don’t let anyone take up residence in your mind

That speaks death to you

Instead, have the power to let it go

Like duck feathers

Their words run off

You will not absorb them

But you will remember what you saw

From high above, the truth

So many people prisoners

Of their own thoughts

Their words reflect the reality of their minds

Their minds are trash heaps

Of others deposits and their own

They got buried under the weight of it

But each of us must choose

We are what we think

We speak what we believe

Now that you understand

You know where to run and go

When it gets too much and you get caught

In a web of others kingdoms

There is darkness and light

People confuse them all the time

In an effort to guide others

Many words are spoken, spun and spewed

When you hear shouting and vile words

When you see fingers pointing

When aggression becomes the norm

Be still and wait

Remember what you know

Let your words be few

Navigate through the mire

Be the light for others

Most of all build your kingdom

Build it strong and safe

For your tribe, build

Tear down the brush and clear out the cobwebs

Build and plant

Grow and expand

For life is short and you must leave

Build for your children and grandchildren

Inspire hope

Steer clear of the hot mess

There is a pathway for this

Find it

Live on it

There is great peace and joy

When you grow in it

It is not dependent on others

Words and deeds

Kingdoms building

Build yours like a strong tower

Be a beacon of light to your tribe

Stay awake

This is L O V E


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