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Freedom comes when the search is over…

Its been such a long time

So caught up was I in seeking the feeling of home

It’s been a labryinth trying to get to you

Across the universe inside my head

Ruminating, contemplations that led nowhere

Was all the trouble worth it

The mental dissection of potential outcomes

Scenarios without tangibles

Imaginations, dreams and nightmares

The struggle was real

The truth is as I navigate through this tunnel

And finaly reach my destination

A new set of mazes will appear

It is clear to me why

I cannot settle to rest while the world awaits

So much of me yet to discover

So much time has passed

I add newness whenever I can

I crave to get lost in my imagination

To come up with something that will inspire me

It will be the next chapter of my life

Change is good

It stretches the mind and expands your view

It fights against stagnation

Oh the things that have yet to be

With those I love and with new ones yet to come

A fresh start, a new beginning

Pull up the sail, the wind is blowing

The rudder is set

The navigation is precise

The destination is chosen

Imagine, just imagine

And embrace the possibilities

They are endless in this life

Take the leap of faith

Whatever it takes

Go get your life

That’s what I am about to do!

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3 Comments on “Setting Sail!

  1. Trough my life the hills and dales always have me to follow and submit all faith along the way trials involving others have less meaning for I myself is the seeker of a final place without progression. Revolve for resolving the path chosen. My choice My life Love&Respect S.H.F.

  2. I really like this a lot.
    I don’t expect the search will really ever be over.
    I know that craving, the search for new destinations, change, and inspirations.
    Applying the imagination to prevent complacency and stagnation.
    There are struggles and road blocks but no dead ends
    Striving, aiming for something that may not exist. Even if the search stopped, the compelling pull would not
    So tomorrow is another chance at a new day, I’m ready then to get on my way!

    • Thanks for the response. I agree, the search for more meaning will always draw us to explore.

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