For all the times I felt the pain

To love is a mysterious thing

Love comes in so many forms

As a child your want of love

It blinds you to anything else

Do you see me, do you hear me

That’s the stumbling in the dark

From child to teen, to adult

As we age, as we develop

We grow to understand the power

Love is the fuel, the lack of it is the fire

A burning, searing, stripping of the soul

Seeking without finding

And when it is there, it can be missed

We cannot go back in time

Cannot capture what is now a vapor

Memories are all that are left

But forgiveness is the key

It opens the mind to see

All the good that was present

Where once only pain was felt

Look the pain of rejection in the face

And see from someone elses eyes

Everyones struggling to have

Their needs met, do you see them

Can you walk in anothers shoes

Does not excuse the bad behavior

But in order for the pain to ease

One must let go of the heart break

One must embrace the here and now

Yesterday is gone

We can’t have what did not exist

But we can embrace our own hearts

We can recognize that we have the power

To heal our past pain, embracing the lessons

Building on whats learned and reaching higher

We can love our tribes with more power

We who do not take love for granted

Who were once invisible and blinded

We can not be afraid

What once was broken can be mended

Sewn by a three cord strand

Fused together

Love, Hope, Peace

A recipe for joy

So embrace all the broken pieces

Do not be ashamed of your brokeness

Neither let it define you

But let it serve as a teacher

May your heart no longer break

May it be released to love more

Let the streams of life flow

Heal, inspire, give, receive

It’s time to come into the fullness

Of your potential

Let it flow, sometimes with hot tears

Let it go and reach for the universe

Only time will tell your story

You have to write it

No regrets, no excuses

There is love enough for us all

But you must love yourself first

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