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Endurnace Pushes

Endurance pushes Like a willful child Through the wanting and the wailing Through the “Nos” and the “Maybe’s” Past the tears and the “Why’s” Through the silence and the suffering, The sobs and the hiccupping ____________________________________ Time passes, days and weeks and months and years The wanting stays but mostly sleeps like an adolescent with a fever Still sometimes rousing, but groggy and quiet … Read More Endurnace Pushes

Wild Thing

You were born with a fire in your spirit Like a wild fire that needed to be tamed You cannot explain it, you cannot contain it So you run like the wind Wherever you feel it you go The excitement of the chase fills the void But it never satisfies your longing Your world has crashed down around you And you have been building … Read More Wild Thing

+ Sarah Folger  Vortex Woman  mixed media - My Solar Plexus

My Solar Plexus

The vortex That hole in the middle of my chest Is it fire, is it water Whirling fluid or air A whirlpool, a whirlwind It feels like a waterfall Like broken glass Shattered and falling into me My heart is too extended Filled with thoughts of all my children My grandchildren My father, my mother, My brothers, their families And the pain is just … Read More My Solar Plexus

She was lost

I was sitting right there as she hurried by She was looking for her mother A grown woman now With a worried look on her face She had the weight of the world upon her shoulders She wanted to show her mother All the things that she had done But most of all she wanted time “Look Mom” she wanted to say “Have I … Read More She was lost

Wake up Your Soul

So often we only glimpse at our dreams Like a vapor they dissipate Giving way to the mundane tasks And even things we love Like chasing after a rabbit in the woods We trip on fallen logs and roots hidden under leaves Our hearts race after the prize But a bell is ringing It’s time to go home A place where others thoughts are … Read More Wake up Your Soul

+ sarah hale folger art matters - Harness The Heart Break

Harness The Heart Break

For all the times I felt the pain To love is a mysterious thing Love comes in so many forms As a child your want of love It blinds you to anything else Do you see me, do you hear me That’s the stumbling in the dark From child to teen, to adult As we age, as we develop We grow to understand the … Read More Harness The Heart Break

Let it fall

We dodge and weave Through the torrent of the storm Running from fear Buzy so as not to disappear But if we take a moment If we slow down our pace We will become greater than our instincts We will guide our minds We will understand The only way out is through We are in this together The losses, the heartbreaks We watch as … Read More Let it fall

Goodbye Mom

She was orphaned at five when her mother died Her dad still lived but he was out of the picture He was a train engineer, always away Maybe that’s why the sound of a train gives me a rush She lived in houses with other people Not ever a home to her Except for the Goodson’s who took her in For a while she … Read More Goodbye Mom

Climb A Tree

When I was just a kid I would climb the pine tree in the front yard There was a place Where three branches came together Two and a half stories high I would slide my body Into the branches embrace And sway with the wind Rocking me to calm Like a grandmother So non-judgemental Always there taking a beating As winters came and went … Read More Climb A Tree

As A Man Thinkith

What is it that makes us That truly defines who we are And what we are becoming I am determined From all my examined thoughts That all I have ever known Points me to the truth All the lessons I have had Can serve to instruct me I truly believe the power It lies within our thoughts The power of the mind Which does … Read More As A Man Thinkith

Anticipation is Making me Wait

Mother Nature takes her own sweet time Plan what you will Expect what you want But there is no denying who’s in charge All creation cries out So the story goes And so it is The magnificent event Is a common one But there is nothing ordinary About snowflakes And fingerprints What a mystery What a miracle Each and every one None commonplace Each … Read More Anticipation is Making me Wait

It’s been such a long time

Decades have come and gone Each had its lessons and memories Some seemed to last an eternity Others flew by Youth does not understand That it is over before you know it Time stolen while grudges were held And learning the meaning Of love and friendship Some can carry the anger, fear and hate I could never house those things Learning forgiveness Learning to … Read More It’s been such a long time

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