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We dodge and weave

Through the torrent of the storm

Running from fear

Buzy so as not to disappear

But if we take a moment

If we slow down our pace

We will become greater than our instincts

We will guide our minds

We will understand

The only way out is through

We are in this together

The losses, the heartbreaks

We watch as some become savage

We watch as others fade away

Darkness can be consuming

It is for this reason

We must defy timidity

And come face to face with reality

Things are not the same

They have been permanently altered

The cause of this, however sinister

It shall not be in my thoughts now

But rather, as I watch the world crash

My focus is finding moments

Of pure joy in nature and

In those I love

To see the world with a higher lens

Not as those who dwell upon the ground

But high above it all

A sunrise greets me to fill me with hope

After the darkness

Always comes the light

So I embrace the gift of color and light

I breathe in and expand my heart

The day will bring enough trouble

I will guard my mind

Protect it like a lioness

It must be a safe place

The media, the words, the videos

Too much for us lovers of peace

But we must press on

It’s always darkest before dawn

Embrace hope, it can still be found


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