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What is it that makes us

That truly defines who we are

And what we are becoming

I am determined

From all my examined thoughts

That all I have ever known

Points me to the truth

All the lessons I have had

Can serve to instruct me

I truly believe the power

It lies within our thoughts

The power of the mind

Which does not distinguish

Between good and bad

It only acts as a conduit

To energize us to achieve

Either greatness or failure

The pathways are lit

With electrical impulses

That either inspire hope

Or inspire fear

Magic or complacency

What we adhere to we become

So be careful

What you feed your head

Whatever you feed grows

Whatever you starve dies

Positive or negative

Your mind will crave more

Of whatever you feed it

Like an addiction

To break the patterns

That do not serve you

You must guard your mind

You must KNOW what you want

This life gives plenty of choices

Opportunities abound

You must learn to navigate them

Like a boat tossed by the sea

It takes knowledge and

Determination to pull through

To stay the course

To land safely

If you have faith

And if you want it

You can do anything

Your heart desires

So guard your mind

Put your boundaries around it

They’ll say it can’t be done

They’ll say no way

They’ll get angry

When you push through

Their eyes are blind

But you, you see

Even if they get angry

Falsely accuse you

Remember they are blind

If You see

Never give in

Never give up

If they don’t

They’re on the wrong brain train

Let them deplane

Get off at the station

They don’t believe in flying

They would have you

Believe they are right

That you’re crazy

Delusional in fact

Your faith is foolishness

Just listen to them

And they will

Paint your mind

With their negative words

Don’t let them

You don’t need their validation

You’ve learned from your losses

From the grief that comes

From quitting just before

The promise came to pass

The one you made to yourself

To believe and achieve

To make it all the way this time

To not accept defeat

The only way to lose is to give up

If you refuse that option

Then you will make it

All the way

No turning back

Stay focused

Surround yourself with

Positive can do people

Remove yourself from

Negative no can do thinkers

Don’t get stuck on the wrong team

If you want to win

Time to turn the tide

From fear to faith

To color the world

With hope and peace

Imagine all the magic

The good and prosperous

The life you want

Block out the chaos

The poor choices

Of those you once admired

You do not share their fate

You create you own

And make it good

For this life is yours

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