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An artist tries to create

The expression that will help others see

The message from the heart

To the world

To make the change

To make things better

To heal or to inspire

To express shock

Or even disdain

But wanting to be heard

And known and seen


Especially now

When the quakes of earth

Split the ground between us

No one wants to disappear

The tidal wave

Has disbanded us all

Once warmed by the sun

Resting on the shores

Now the Sun, Moon, and Earth

Have interacted and thrust

The weight of their collaboration

Unleashed on the sea

Has set us to running, drowning

And trying to grab for those we love

Separated by a great force

We stand now behind glass

To view our parents

We hide behind walls and masks

These times are shaping the children

Gripped by confusion and fear

How do we explain it

The psycho virus keeps them

From school and playgrounds

From ballparks and swimming pools

As much as we feel it

We must not panic

It is time to rise higher and be brave

It is time to protect

The young and the old

Lies and truth are blended daily

Opportunists and players

Seek to trap us with their words

Keep us needing them

But we are not sheep and must discern

Truth from lies

Hope verses fear

We must lead our little ones

We must inspire those behind glass

Breathing slowly, deeply

Watching closely

Listening intently to the soul

Waiting and watching the signs

These times will not stay

They will be gone

The lessons will remain

But what we learn

Will be different for many

As varied as a candy store

Stay strong, stay focused

Prepare yourself

And those you love

Be ready

For anything is possible

Rise high above the fray

Don’t get caught in the trap

A web of others’ designs

Maneuver with intent

Seek and find your power

To do good

To seek justice

To promote peace

To love with abandon

To avoid the toxic

To perfect your mind

Become better, not bitter

And you will become a creator

Make YOU your best work

Choose what you hold on to

And what you let go

Now is the time to discern

Which will be the colors

You choose the paint

Create a masterpiece

Every flaw you thought

Would always define you

Let it go

Smash it like clay

Cut it like stained glass

Wipe it from your palette

Chip away the dead wood

Don’t let anyone fool you

You are building yourself

By every decision of thought

By every thought turned to words

By every word turning to action

So choose wisely

The world is waiting

The alternative is not good

It is giving into fear

Doubt and impotence

Hopelessness and complacency

Letting others paint YOUR canvas

Is a HUGE mistake

You choose

And let peace and power

Which comes only from love

Be your compass

And guide you to become

What you thought impossible

Cheering for you

To win against the bullies

They scream and dominant

They point fingers and confuse

They spread fear

And promote dependency

But not for you

No, and certainly not for me


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