You know it has lasted too long

This crisis that dropped on the world

We were not made to function under such stress

Only for a short while, but this is so very long

The mental shift is the greatest obstacle

It’s a daily dose of fear and story telling

Our children have anxiety and panic

My friend saw a young man jump from the bridge

He put his mask on as he ran from his car

To jump off the bridge

We are losing our minds

Children are ending their lives

Marriages are ending at an all time high

Abuse abounds

The mask police glare at you when yours slips

Road rage people are on a path of destruction

Friends sprew vile words on social media

They would never say in person

They disown eachother over politics

The manipulators take advantage of us all

We see them on TV telling us who and what to believe

People are glued to TVs and radios

We can’t hang out together

They tell us how many family members

Can come for the holidays

Violate that and your neighbor will report you

We can’t see our parents in thier homes

They are passing away with strangers

While we weep over a river of injustice

We’ve given up on our dreams

Lost our businesses and homes

Forget about a vacation

They won’t let you stay in their hotel

You can’t cross the state lines

You must quaranteen yourself

You’ve forgotten what it feels like to laugh

That deep belly cleansing laugh

Your friends restaurant just shut down

Your brothers store he had for 30 years

Was looted and burned down

Your cousins son the cop just got shot

You know the one who always wanted to help people

Right is now wrong

Wrong is now right

You can’t talk about what’s happening

Someone might beat you up

God forbid you have your own opinion

Need I continue to say it out loud

But then something rises up inside me

I run to nature, she always embraces me

The sunrises and sunsets

Remind us that the world is moving on

This too shall pass

And I feel the power of my own mind

As it clears in the presence of the trees

I see the animals going about thier day

Life is going on, and it shall for us too

We will never be the same again

After all we have been through

But we will be stronger and more equipt

To believe in the moments that inspire

We will not take things for granted

For those whose vile minds

Produced vile words and deeds

I do not know what will become of them

But for the ones who are still trying to create magic

To show the children how to overcome

Who do not spread the fear

Who teach and project faith in humanity

Who celebrate our diversity

For the souls that still have love

They are even now pressing on

Carrying their loved ones along

We shall overcome this time

We must stay strong

We must believe in the power of love

And never give up

The sun still rises, and sets

There is something greater than ourselves at work

Hold on to hope

That feeling of expectation and desire

For peace and healing to flow

Throughout our land

Don’t lose sight of it

We’re in this together


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