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I am at one with myself

I am a teacher

I am a listener

I am a pro-claimer

I want more

So much more

I want to follow

The path that leads me to it

I am standing on the high board

Not sure if I know how to swim

But I want to trust

That my soul knows the way

Fueled by my heritage

By generations

Of high fliers

Of risk takers

So hard to find kin these days

I now realize

That most of my life

I was lost- reaching for that something

That I could not explain

But I know it was there

Called a prodigy

Called mystical, spiritual

Called a freak

I knew I was different

Even weird

But its only because I was

And will always be me

A Folger, A Hale

From those two paths flow

Some seriously inquisitive folks

I wish I could absorb

The sound of the voices

Of my ancestors

As they tell me what they discovered

And how they found it

Time is so freakin short

I will not worry about the fact

That I will not accomplish even a portion

Of what I want to express

But I know

I live on

In my children and my grandchildren

This fact overwhelms me with joy and peace

So I will fly now

Higher and higher

Leaving behind those who once possessed me

I will forge the path

For those who are on my heels

Must keep them safe

Must inspire with hope

Give them a safe place to grow

Empower, Encourage

Yes, and A M E N


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