img 0891 - Night Musing

This is new for me

Writing while the news is on

Good test to see

Can I think and feel myself

While all the world is running a muck

The media frenzy pursues

Relentless and persistent

The narratives compete

Push and pull

Rip and tear

We are in a war for the mind

But who will take the time

To do the work to understand

What is truth

It is mingled with fiction

All a play for power

Oh the good ole days

So long forgotten

When news traveled on horses

In papers not spoken

On screens to allure

History is being rewritten

What was all the education for

It’s that time

To pay attention

To wake up and see

Things are being spun

So many just repeat

Like parrots on cue

To spread the news

True or false does not matter

I fear we may be asleep

Not realizing how crucial

These times they are

Gonna change the future

One way or another

What shall we do


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