me8 - Born to be Free

I am breathing hard as my steps are pulling me forward

Winding through the trees my heart races

I left the path seeking adventure

Always needing to explore to find the unexpected

There is just so much more

So many live by the rules

Safe in a ritual of obsessive order

Stifled by a strict regiment

I ran out the door

Freedom is power

Determined to ignore the path

I climb over fallen branches

Arms and legs get torn in the thicket

My pace picks up as I see

Light beaming through the treetops

It is brilliant colorful and mystical

The sun is rising to greet me

I left my bed in such a rush to answer the call

How do I know these things

I am at one with the calling upon my heart

So long suppressed

So long I lived inside a birdcage

Longing to be free to fly

Free to be wild and true to myself

The woods open

Here it is

I sashay towards the meadow

I climb upon the stone wall

My heart is listening

I am filling up with power

Not of my own, but borrowed from nature

I will return again and again

The hunger will always come back

Here is where inspiration is fueled

There is a world out there calling

It’s right outside the door

It’s calling you too


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