43c77cbd1fb2b5f0120034759c36679d - The Compass Calls Us

It’s a twisting and turning labyrinth trying to get to you

I can see within my mind the picture so clearly from where I stand

I already scouted out the land as I hovered above it in flight

I studied the earth below with all its dimensions

Trees and brush, hills and valleys

Streams and rivers

I can see the path that will get us to where I want us to go

But you cannot fly and your scope of vision is limited

There are others to consider but you are the one I must convince

Should you stay or should you go

There is a life with either choice

I am impatient to go now that I can see the path

You cannot see it yet

I try to describe to you what I see

I ask you to trust me, we should go

This place no longer has my heart

Something is calling to me and I feel it in my soul

I speak to you in riddles you say

You cannot trust what you cannot understand

So you close your mind to me and hope I will stop

Trying to rush you is only turning you away

I am overcome by emotion

I speak in tongues you do not understand

I become frustrated and I snap

You recoil and grip harder into the ground

You have your own vision

This place still holds your gaze

Your heart is opening to all that lies here

You are expanding and growing here

I am losing my feathers here

I love you, I’m sorry I cannot stay here

Must I walk this path alone

I am hurting you desperately gripping onto you

You feel angry and confused and frightened by my intensity

You go your way trying to recover

I perch in a tree and stare at the horizon

Another sunset is coming. another day over

My time is limited compared to yours

I see things totally differently

I never thought we would part

I am broken if I stay and broken if I leave

The colors are flooding as I just feel and stop thinking

Breathe, just breathe

Tomorrow will come and I must try to mend what I have wounded

But you have retreated so far within

You are shocked to see me this way

I am broken that you cannot see what I see

I know I will have to leave

You know it too

The anxiety is passing as now I feel just sadness

No I do not know what I will find when I go

That is both the beauty and the fear of it

But I know one thing

I can fly, I have instincts that tell me when a change is coming

I am not in control of this, and it will not leave me alone

Experience tells me not to wait too long

For there is a world out there that is calling to me

Come to me, I will show you treasures for your soul

You must risk it all

And you will find what they will one day need

So be brave my heart

Be strong and know

That when destiny calls

She will show you wonders and secrets

When you love someone, when you love many

You know that you must be true to yourself

And when you are, they will one day see

That you did it for them and you

The heart is so powerful and must be obeyed

One life to live

Time is short

Make it work, make it beautiful

I love you all so much I can hardly breathe

Thinking of missing you is poison to me

But the process has begun

It will take shape now that I see it coming

I will obey and trust

That all will be well

I love you so much

We will find our time again

Better than before

Healed by obeying our individual paths

I am proud of you for knowing your own

There is no fear in love

We will mend and begin again

But for now I must fly

I must find what I was born to find

So I can bring it back to you and lay it at your feet

So we can have something to celebrate

I see us laughing and dancing in a field

The children are running around us in circles

We will look at each other and know

It is well with our souls

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