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Remember your first day on the playground, how you felt when you met your first best friend? Two completely different souls from different backgrounds discover each other in the chaos, confusion and uncertainty of childhood, away from home and all that is understood. Two friends meet eyes and they just know they get each other. This is how the visual and performing arts interact every moment. To find your art soul you must remember your inner child.

Mother holds the hand of her child walking in the park

The flowers are blooming

Bakers are selling their creations

The band is playing, children let go of their mothers hands and run to the music and dance

The sidewalk is chalked by those compelled to express themselves

On such a fine spring afternoon

The tents house the artisans ware- paintings, sculptures, pottery, woven rugs, photos of far away places and faces

The gentle breeze moves across the grass and can be seen moving hair and clothing and flowers and clouds and swaying leaves

There is a swirling, stirring feeling rising up in the sum of all these parts

It is as a stream that flows, and all that step in are swimming in the same water

It is the music of the universe that flows inside all of our hearts

It compels us to express ourselves

Run, don’t walk

Don’t just stand there

Jump at the opportunities all around you

We are all just longing to get back to it, that place where magic exists, and dreams are birthed and hope rises us up and takes all our cares away.

This is the power of the visual and performing arts and of nature.

They take us back to when we can remember.

They tell the story of what happened when we grew up and what we experienced or heard about that moved us so much we had to create something to respond to it.

We must remember.

It is imperative that we do remember.

The stream is the same, the expressions are many.

It is up to you to step out of the shadows and jump into the stream.

Get carried away, let yourself go.

Listen to the music, express yourself.

Paint, write, sing, play,

Get back to your inner child!


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  1. Fantastic message! Excellent and to the most wonderful point! Thank you Sarah!

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