8819 Beatles VO - Help to find you....

At some point you have accumulated enough understanding of the world

That you know who you are becoming in it

It’s so incredibly vast that no one of us can catch it on a whim, or by intention

It is the universe

It is all our wild dreams

It is our hopes and aspirations

We need gatekeepers and door openers

It’s not easy, and most will stay at one level forever

Others will realize that they can climb the stairs to another level and explore

Some may keep climbing

None of us were given the playbook

If you dare, you will live in the moment

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, let that stay or be

It’s okay when you realize that all you were ever instructed to do and believe is flawed

Don’t panic

Don’t abuse the one you hold dear and trust

Don’t lose what you have grasped

Don’t own

Don’t possess

Just be with

Just know

Just understand

We are a part of something greater

Can an ant understand a butterfly

Does a fox know what it is to be a falcon

It’s OK not to understand what has not been given to you

What you must do is realize that the universe gives you a team

Play as one

A beaver knows how to give shelter in the most unusual places

Places you never would have sought out

So just accept this and know

There is a master plan

Walk your path

Or fly

Or swim

It’s perfect to be different yet as one

What benefit do we have in judgement of what we do not understand

Simply raise your arms, or wings or face to the sky and receive

And know

We are in this together

Not to fight- although sometimes that’s what it takes

But to find

Our common ground -so that we may

Find our part, our piece

And just live it out

To the end of our days

May you find those who understand you

Who support you

One life to live

Make it count

Let go of the pain

Embrace the love

Focus on the good

Reach for the highest goals

We find ourselves when we learn ‘It’s not about me”

But “US”


So be it


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